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  1. FH3 TAG club?

    I know you both sent me invites but still not seeing it come up and I want in. Wonder what can be done to fix this problem.
  2. Steam Group

    You may have to send me a request. I searched and found 2257 Chuckles. Lol
  3. Steam Group

    New to PC gaming, recently got started on Steam. Can i please get a group invite ?
  4. Happy Holiday Emails Gone Wild?

    AHHH HAA!! That makes sense ;)
  5. TAG Halo 5 Forgers Guild

    Hmm...that would be cool. H5 Forge editor is SOOO much different than past Forge, and I am noobin..... so was hoping to confer with others. Maybe you know Havoc... not sure but is there console cross play with this now since the recent update for customs? For the PC update you can now jump into dedicated custom servers, and its pretty cool. Would be even cooler to bring a party in with me.
  6. So.....just wondering why I have gotten the same Happy Holidays from TAG! email 5 different times today. Anyone? Not pissed or anything...just curious.
  7. TAG Halo 5 Forgers Guild

    So...just me, huh?
  8. TAG Halo 5 Forgers Guild

    Has anyone been using Halo Forge for Windows 10? Just downloaded it and planning on investing some time with it. If so, how different and from Forge ij previous games? How different from H5 XB Forge? Suggestions?
  9. ReCore

    It was an even better deal for $15 on BF!!
  10. Xbox Play Anywhere

    I have those three as well. T.G. I got them digitally so I'm good there. Thanks for the heads up about Gears. Big thing I have been wondering about is how much this has been adopted, PC to XB crossplay. Got a KILLER deal on a Gaming laptop for BF and intending to be able to play games on my lunch hour at work. Wondering if I get on ...and no one is online lol. Cant wait until it arrives to get started!
  11. Xbox Play Anywhere

    Has anyone been using this yet? I am about to get a gaming laptop and looking forward to taking full advantage of this program. Looking for opinions, experiences and thoughts.
  12. Who's getting Titanfall 2?

    Agree. Me either. But there is wonderful,amazing thing called on line ordering. 😉 Its how i have done BF games the last few years. You can order early then pick up later that night when the madness has died down, or the next day...or have it shipped
  13. Why da fuck...

    Dah -faq??
  14. Who's getting Titanfall 2?

    Waiting for it to go on sale. Wallyworld is going to have it for $27 for Black Friday
  15. Looking for FO4 advice

    LMAO BRO :)