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  1. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    Yeah. There's a space in my GT: Dje Ryu
  2. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    I'll be hunting, for real, this weekend but, if anyone is interested in checking out GR:W, this weekend it's free for everyone to try... the whole game: https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/wildlands/en-us/free-weekend/index.aspx
  3. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    The 4v4 "Ghost War" update releases to the public on Oct 10th and is free for anyone who owns Wildlands, so no excuses! I better see some old friends, soon.
  4. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    HEY!!! Ghost Recon is back! I'm playing the beta of the PVP "Ghost Wars" and it is actually VERY good. Takes a bit to get decent weapons but, I like it, so far. Would be nice to have people that actually communicate, though!
  5. World of Tanks Xbox One

    Anyone still playing this? I like it but, prefer to have people to talk to while I play, especially since I mostly use artillery, and I suck communicating with the d-pad.. Not many people vocalizing publicly, apparently. Thus, I don't play a whole lot and am only up to a tier 7.
  6. Official Xbox One Gamertag List

    Yeah. Got burnt out/bored with games for awhile. Still don't play a lot but can't give it up completely.
  7. Official Xbox One Gamertag List

    Dje Ryu
  8. How did you find TAG?

    I old. Can barely remember that far back. lol Ooopy invited me too.
  9. Would you be willing to pay more for Xbox Live?

    I'm already considering dropping to Silver. I'd cancel it completely if they raise the price. Just don't use it enough anymore.
  10. Thought I posted in this earlier but, I'll play F2.
  11. mom pwns kid

    It says the item was 'no longer available for sale'. Did son beg his Mom? "Oh please Mom, I swear I'll do my chores! Please! Please! Not my XBox!" In any case, I hope the little smart ass learned a lesson.[/quote:137e4v5e] She probably found a co-worker to buy it from her. My Dad would have been beating me with the vacuum while mom ran over the console.
  12. The faces of the TAG community

    Me, and my significant other: "Lady" Liberty. All those guys on the other side thought I was gonna roll her so they think they're holding her up.
  13. Post here if you want your Olympic medals removed.

    Since I never even got them all, may as well take mine. Shouldn't we have new ones for the Child's Play tourney's, anyway?
  14. RCOD Signup Sheet

    i got about 8 hours out of the "certified replacement" they sent me. Since it will be my 3rd return the operator had to get a manager to approve it. What a crock! I've bought at least 8 of their consoles and only one of them still works. They should be sending me two for every one I return at this point. Can't believe I'm saying this but, maybe I should just upgrade my PC and play on it, instead... Probably be cheaper!
  15. RCOD Signup Sheet

    BTW, I see in all the pics that the center part of the power button is red, also. Mine is still green, lights 1, 3 and 4 are flashing red. I've also seen all five lights flashing between red and green one time, a couple months ago. Not sure wtf that was all about.