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  1. Top 100 RPGs of all time

    Yeah, FF06 is always the one I wish were remade, & I'm generally leery (at best) of remakes. Imagine the opera scene in todays graphics, or the apocalypse that Kefka orchestrates. Square has redone a fair share of the FFs before 06 & FF07 is finally getting the remake treatment... but not 06.
  2. Top 100 RPGs of all time

    Today courtesy of IGN: The Top 100 RPGs of all time The one that surprised me as to its spot was/is Persona 5. The game just came out.
  3. Streaming Gods Wars Future Past on YT for time being.  Won't Stream to Twitch.  Youtube link is

  4. Injustice 2 trailer

    Injustice 2 confirmed folks, here's the link to the article & trailer: Comicbooks-Injustice 2. While I didn't get the 1st game (done by the MK people, not a fan of that series) I did like the comic(s) & the concept. It's a concept I hope that DC will take in the future with it's live action films, particularly since they're going the grim/bleak route.
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I can relate on a game backlog. Like you I've not touched The Last of Us yet, or even Catherine.
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Told you. The DLC is supposed to be out later this year. Oh yeah, about a day or 2 ago, an M$ developer put a post on Twitter (I think) specifically stating that M$ would soon be looking for people to have an "HZD killer". That post has since been removed though. Below is the related vid.
  7. Dragonman3578's Intro

  8. E3 2017

    Some E3 stuff that I've seen so far that has "raised my eyebrows" . The spiritual successor to Castlevania. Hopefully Bloodstained can deliver, trailer looks promising. Also Bethesdas Creation Club announcement, which has me a bit more wary. The Fallout 4 VR thing was interesting too, though not my cup of tea (anyone who things I'm wearing a VR thing over my glasses don't know me very well).
  9. E3 2017

    Yeah, I can relate, but it just looks sooo beautiful. The developers have said there'll be an Easy Mode. However, the Easy mode will be Normal for most of us (me included), while Normal is Hard. This looks like it's one of those games that would best be played co-op. That way when a character dies, the other can save them if quick enough & foes can still be tag teamed against.
  10. E3 2017

    Just saw on the Windows store, it's already available for pre-order & it'll have the play anywhere thing. Just on that it looks like an a PC/Xb1 version for me.
  11. E3 2017

    The new Ori game is definitely on my watch list, but for the immediate future I'm waiting on this DLC I wish there'd been news on Cuphead. I guess it's not coming this year, if nothing next year my guess is that it's been shelved, which would be a shame it looked really good. EDIT: I just saw on IGN, it'll come out on September 29th of this year. I'm a pleased camper
  12. Mass Effect: The Patchening

    Gotta love how they're taking the, "send the bomb squad after the device has detonated" approach. In fairness though, the ones who did the game no longer have the "monkey on their back" in regards to schedules & such.
  13. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    If the system has about as many new non-FPS type games as the current model does it's a pass... & it won't exactly be a huge loss.
  14. Mass Effect franchise "indefinitely on hold"

    Marvel made Captain America a sleeper Hydra agent. Basically a Cosmic Cube had rewritten his memories so...... It's not even remotely going over well with the fans (Marvel did, after all, allow that character to be raped), Marvel doubling & recently tripling down on this mess has only exacerbated the situation. It's about as bad as when Superman renounced his American citizenship in the old DC continuity, (with that issue coming out on the same day Seal Team 06 took out Osama bin Laden).
  15. Mass Effect franchise "indefinitely on hold"

    Yeah, don't expect EA to give up on the steady income that the Frostbite engine provides to the MP. Just on that basis alone they're not dumping that engine anytime soon. As far as her Captain America analogy with this game goes, she probably should have equated the reaction to ME:A with the reaction to Captain Hydra/Secret Empire arc, it's more apt.
  16. Mass Effect franchise "indefinitely on hold"

    This came in today folks. Kotaku sheds some light on ME:As development troubles.
  17. I saw this on FB a few minutes ago, I thought it was fairly apt. Enjoy, I did.
  18. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Wonder Woman. That it was still under the Zack Snyder banner & still a positive non-bleak Superhero flick was/is surprising (how much of that was due to his wife &/or Jeoff Johns is the question). Him going out on a positive note as opposed to a controversial one is a plus. DC/WB will hopefully pay more attention to her character now, maybe give her some recurring villains besides Cheetah who are worth a damn. Again Misney blew an opportunity here, they had pretty much a decade head-start over DC/WB on the live action movie front (She Hulk &/or Squirrel Girl could have been done by this time). Anyone who hasn't seen it yet should really do so, unless you're not a WW fan. It's definitely in my Blu-ray/DVD collection when it hits. I would say an 8 out of 10.
  19. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    Who knows, if this series is well received, maybe Dark Crystal 2 will finally see the light of day. As it is, my CE version will never leave my home.
  20. Injustice 2 trailer

    Yeah, they did a really good job on it overall. I've just been doing the training & multiverse modes apart from the story arc.
  21. Orville trailer

    Pretty much; kicker is that off & on some years ago, there was talk about making Galaxy Quest into a TV show. Obviously that fizzed & we'll get this, but damn what could have been. How much will Fox allow him to get away with is the question.
  22. Injustice 2 trailer

    Do both endings.
  23. Injustice 2 trailer

    I'm digging it a lot, especially the multi-verse mode. It's probably the only time that I found the story in an FG actually interesting. The Superman ending is so scary it's almost unbelievable.
  24. F4 all perks & STATS play

    Has anyone attempted an "all/maxed STATS & perks" play-through? Does this game have a DA:I type thing where foes don't give you any XP if you're a certain number of levels above them?