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  1. Still working on TS?

    Looks like there was still an issue with the server. It keeps shutting down after a few minutes. I gave it a good talking to, and it seems to be behaving now.
  2. Still working on TS?

    I restarted the service. It's working now.
  3. Still working on TS?

    I renewed the license on Thursday morning and it was working fine after that. I've been out of town at a BBQ competition. Checking it now.
  4. Thanks! I've been needing an new headset, because the SkullCandy Xbox headset messes with my right eardrum. Also, if anyone else is interested, order one from Amazon and support TAG:
  5. EQ NEXT Cancelled..

    Yep, same here. I'm done with crowd funding or paying for early access to games, unless they're really cheap. I also have a couple Kick Starter campaigns I supported that aren't settling too well with me.
  6. EQ NEXT Cancelled..

    Landmark launches this week. I gave up on it after SOE sold it off and Daybreak dropped the ball. There is still some interest on the forums, but I think it's just the fans holding it up. I haven't seen any strong promotions for the game. Based on what I saw of EQN, it was going to be really cool, but also really expensive.
  7. 2017 List of new TV shows

    Excellent! Thanks for posting. 'Blacklist: Redemption' looks cool. It makes me curious about some things (suspicions I have) with the current show. I'll watch 'Conviction' because it has Hayley Atwell. I'm dubious about 'MacGyver'. I was dubious about 'Lethal Weapon' until I saw the preview a couple weeks ago, and I think it's now the show I'm most excited about. '24: Legacy' could work since it's a new cast. I felt that they were stretching too much with the reboot. Others look good, too, but I generally don't trust the big Networks anymore. They're all looking for the golden star and won't give shows more than 6 episodes to prove their worth.
  8. Tag app?

    Maybe he's looking for something like Slack.
  9. Black Desert Online - anyone playing?

    I thought they did, too. I just received an email about my early access and it reminded me of this thread. I might check it out. Games like that are more of a cold weather pastime for me.
  10. Black Desert Online - anyone playing?

    Hey, @DukeSavesLives, have you checked out Landmark before? It officially launches on Friday, June 10th. It's a very social, open world MMO.
  11. Black Desert Online - anyone playing?

    Yeah, this is the first completely open sandbox game that I can think of that made it to production. When I first started, I was focused on questing, leveling up, getting equipment, etc. Then, at level 20 I realized none of that really matters in Black Desert, if you don't want it to. I focused on building my trade routes and getting my workers building profitable things. I made a couple wagons and did more trading. Then I realized I was essentially playing by myself, because others left, and I had no goals in the game.
  12. VAHOMA Podcast (my podcast) (article)

    Ooops. Thanks. I forgot to check that. I've had a problem with that before. Sometimes the block doesn't want to include a CSS file, so I have to force it.
  13. VAHOMA Podcast (my podcast) (article)

    @Annihil8rMethod, the Vahoma Podcast is now back on the Home page.
  14. Star Trek Beyond

    At the end of 'Star Trek' (2009 reboot), I had a tear stream down my face. I actually enjoyed the movie, but that's not what got to me. Everything I'd known and loved about Star Trek was potentially gone. All the history, all the characters... poof. Who knows what time will do them on the next go around? (And, as we witnessed in "Into Darkness" a lot has started changing.) So, my tears were not for nothing. It was a valid concern. I'll have those memories and stories of my childhood, and new ones now.
  15. Star Trek Beyond

    Just curious... what are your impressions now, based on the 2nd trailer?