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  1. Official TAG Reddit

    We have an official TAG Sub on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/TAG_theadultgamer/ Join us here!
  2. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to TAG! I don't play on PC but if you are on XB1 and play any co-op adventure games or fun shooters like HALO or Gears then hit me up.
  3. Hello all

    Welcome to TAG! I do martial arts as well but I play games on Xbox. Seen you on our Discord too! Have a good one.
  4. EA got roasted at 2017 VGA

    Yeah pretty funny.
  5. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to TAG!
  6. Destiny 2 noob question

    Welcome back to TAG. Added ya on XBL. Hopefully LIVE does not have any SNAFU's tonight and I can get some D2 in...
  7. XB1 Nightfall - week of 21.11 ?

    I could maybe do that Friday this week but this is a very maybe...
  8. Hi - Former AGE Gamer

    Welcome to TAG! If you are playing GEARS 4 on Xbox One hit me up.
  9. Long Hiatus. Back.

    Cool man! Welcome back!
  10. Back after a year+ away

    I was wondering where you had been! I am playing Destiny 2 on XB1X but I am not sure our times will sync up! I will keep my eyes out for ya though.
  11. Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer

    I am hoping with all the bad press they revamp this sooner rather than later...
  12. TAG Night Highlights

    Hey whats that silhouette! LMAO!!
  13. Been a long time

    Welcome back to TAG!
  14. Xbox One X

    Division is getting an Xb1X 4k patch very soon!! They already have it on PS4 Pro.
  15. Xbox One X Enhanced Titles

    Check dis out!
  16. Xbox One X

  17. Hello All

    Welcome to TAG! Add me to play some D2 on Xbox One (X!!!)
  18. Looking to join the Xbox clan

    Welcome to TAG! I will let @Hugo J Stiglitz know about your clan membership!
  19. Xbox One X

    The quick review... If you like better VISUALS and SMOOTHER frame rates even on 1080p Super sampled than the XB1X is for you!! 16x Anti-Aliasing and Hardware V-Synch do a lot even on unpatched games! Love this thing!!
  20. With Update 16, The Elder Scrolls Online will be optimized to utilize the advanced graphical horsepower of the upcoming Xbox One X, allowing Xbox ESO players to enjoy a multitude of visual improvements. This functionality will be included in Update 16 as a free upgrade for all Xbox One X players. Here's what you can expect when Update 16 is released for the Xbox One X this coming November 7! With the Xbox One X, The Elder Scrolls Online runs very close to the equivalent of Ultra settings on PC. This means that the game has never looked better on Xbox. Here's a breakdown of some of the new features and improvements coming very soon: Native 4K resolution Upgraded shadows with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Upgraded water reflections Increased view distance Native 4K Resolution If you're connected to a 4K display, ESO will run at true native 4K resolution without resorting to upscaling or checkerboarding techniques (methods many games must use to achieve near-4K resolution). If you only have a 1080p display, you'll see the game in 1080P, but will still get all the graphical enhancements, with the added benefit of anti-aliasing. Water Reflections Until now, reflections on Xbox consoles have been limited to a simple static texture. With the Xbox One X, we're enabling higher quality real-time reflections, which will make reflective surfaces, such as the water in the shot below, appear more realistic. Screen Space Ambient Occlusion SSAO is a method of rendering shadows that occurs when objects near each other block local ambient lighting. With the Xbox One X, we have enabled this feature, which helps to make the environment and characters feel more grounded and immersive. View Distance Finally, something we're most excited about is that on the Xbox One X, we're increasing the view distance, which means environments will load in at a farther distance than before and higher-quality models will appear sooner. With improved view distance, you'll be able to admire Tamriel in all its glory! Watch ESO Live and Win an Xbox One X! Want to see it for yourself? Check out our ESO Live show this coming Friday where we'll showcase the game on the new console and even give away an Xbox One X to one lucky viewer. Keep an eye out for our ESO Live announcement article over the next few days and see you there! We can't wait to see how Xbox players react to these graphical and performance improvements on the Xbox One X. Let us know if you'll be playing ESO on the new Xbox One X via Twitter @TESOnline or Facebook! Update 16 and the Clockwork City DLC will be released on Xbox One and Xbox One X this November 7. Announcements Xbox One
  21. Xbox One X

    This explains it far better than anything else. It is still an XBox One. It will just make all your games run better and certain games will get Enhanced patches to look even better! Will look amazing even on 1080p TV due to Supersampling.
  22. Yup! So far Gears 4 Titanfall 2 Diablo 3 Halo 5 Forza 7 Waiting on Forza Horizon 3, SWBF2, Destiny 2, etc but even without the Patches some of the games get huge boosts according to the Digital Foundry stuff they put on youtube today. For Example DOOM went from a 1080p 50-60fps with 8x AA to 1080p LOCKED 60fps with 16x AA!!! Good stuff!!!
  23. Destiny 2 Xbox players.

    I, Hoptimus - hater of most of the way Bungie handled DESTINY 1 have now bought Destiny 2 due to the good reviews and my bro in law really wants to play it with me. Proceed tossing stones my way I can take it. Thank you and have a good laugh at me. I will be on XB1 playing Destiny 2 btw.
  24. Destiny 2 Xbox players.

    No you gotta finish the campaign.
  25. S11 End, S12 Start

    Just in time to play it in XBOX ONE X Enhanced mode. Sweet.