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  1. Ingress

    I prefer Geocaching, but my wife likes Ingress. Got her up to Level 6 tonight. We can do some damage now, if we ever find a blue portal.
  2. Ingress

    Your links were both my link. I had the same problem when I started Geocaching in 2002. Early in the game, not mamy other players, somewhat remote location.
  3. Ingress

    I live in a small town (< 4000 people), and was the only person playing in the region for over a year. In the cities they are able to advance much faster, but even there the Resistance are mostly dormant. You have to zoom in on St. John's, 4 hours drive east of me, to see any blue activity. My son lives there and hit level 8 in a matter of weeks. I can jump a level when I go to visit. My home: https://www.ingress.com/intel?ll=49.236388,-55.058296&z=13 Peter
  4. Ingress

    I've been playing since December 2012, rePETE4x/Enlightened. Very little Resistance activity on the island of Newfoundland, and very few portals in my area for a long time, so leveling up was difficult. Recently hit L6.
  5. Gamers nearby thread

  6. A New Old Guy Here

    I'll just save this confession, should anything go missing..... :-)
  7. A New Old Guy Here

    Cross-country Skiing Shovelling snow Snowshoeing
  8. A New Old Guy Here

    Some of my hobbies... Sailing - 1977 Paceship PY23 Canoeing - Mad River 15' Camping - 1994 Gulf Stream Innsbruck Lite 17' (small but complete) Biking - 1998 Honda Shadow 750 ACE Cycling - Giant Yukon
  9. A New Old Guy Here

    It is indeed. Wilson has come a long way in a short time.
  10. A New Old Guy Here

    I've been there a few times.
  11. A New Old Guy Here

    I'm in Lewisporte. Adding Venus Envy as a friend...
  12. A New Old Guy Here

    We are!
  13. A New Old Guy Here

    Thanks for the welcomes!
  14. A New Old Guy Here

    Had an Atari 2600 back in the day, and the kids went through various consoles over the years. I really started on my son's Xbox original when he got a white 360, took over that 360 when he upgraded, got my own Elite a few years ago, sold the white 360, upgraded from a 19" CRT to a 46" LED, added a PS3, added a Slim 360 and moved to Elite to another TV, bought son's old gaming PC and got into Steam, joined TAG.
  15. A New Old Guy Here

    Test posting from the phone. Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk 2