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  1. Gears roll call

    Heh who is this guy? I been missing in action for a bit now. :) . I am here and gears ready though.
  2. Are you participating in the TAG Games this year?

    ohh yah. Time to meet some new members again
  3. RT @LandmarkXplorer: @LandmarkGame @toarda @chipgm @EQNexus @Lucitie Vanilia's Black House on Wretched Hill https://t.co/QW9B9NGWc7 https:/…

  4. H1Z1 Early Access Review

    Another survival horror game hits the mix. H1Z1 is currently in early access (alpha build). Bringing us the popular Waking Dead to a game for us to play. Still in early stages of development with much more to be added on the horizon,. This review is not going to point out all the game flaws but more of the actual game content. Being in a Alpha state you expect for there to be bugs, glitches and many new things added / changed as development progresses. Game Modes There are 3 game modes at the time of this review. Game modes consist of PvP , PvE and Battle Royal game modes.There is also different Rule Sets that you can pick for PvP and PvE game servers. I will get into more detail on each game mode below. BR (Battle Royal) is the hot ticket for lots of players. Br is basically a Last man standing will win the match. You start off in lobby with other players before match begins. When match begins you Randomly spawn in parachuting down to the ground. Controlling the parachute you land where you would like. It does depend on where you spawn in on the map that is. Every weapon is in a BR match except the Hunting rifle (sniper), which is only found from airdrops. You will find ammo and guns in every house, building, camper. Well pretty much everywhere there are weapons to loot. Once equipped you will start running to the center of map. Hoping you will be close enough to the safe area. There is also vehicle spawns that you might be lucky enough to obtain at the start. This is definitely the way to get around in a BR quickly. After about 10 min a designated safe area will show on your map that you need to make it to. After 5 min a green gas engulfs the area outside the safe zone marked on your map. The gas is toxic and will slowly kill you so getting to the safe zone is a must. As the match goes on the safe zone gets smaller and smaller. Forcing players to bump heads sooner or later to end the match. Right now Top 10 players receive loot . Loot ranges from keys, airdrops, crates and special cosmetics. This probably will change as time goes on. This is one of many special game modes that are planed for the game. I personally can not wait to see what else they have in store. When I hear of new game modes I will definitely inform you all. Then we have the PvP and PvE severs. Both game modes have extra Rule sets (scenario options) for servers to pick through. You can pick a server with all options, a few or just play a basic game mode with no special rule set. The different Rule sets are.... First person view only (see through players eyes) Crafting recipe wipes each time you die Headshot only (Only pertains to killing zombies) PvE (carebear server as some call it) is a good place to start to learn the map and recipes. Starting off on PvE server will help you learn the terrain and game mechanics. There is no map in game that shows your exact location ,except for maps that are on sign boards. You do start with a crude map and there is also a better one you can loot in game. However these maps do not show where you are on the map , so you still need to know the area. Right now the game map is one square mile, so I would suggest starting off this way just to learn the map. They also do plan on and are working on expanding the map as time goes on. By the time the game goes live the map should be double the size if not larger hopefully, but that is just speculation on my part. PvP servers are basically watch your back everywhere type of game. You have lots of players yelling “Friendly” over the in game voice proximity voice chat on PvP servers. This does not mean that once you turn your back on them that you will not get a arrow or bullet in the head. There is lots of KOS (kill on sight) but you do run into some friendly players form time to time. The question is are they really friendly or just waiting for right moment to kill you and take your loot. :p Zombies, Wolves and Bears ohh my. As of 03/27 we have a higher zombie and wildlife population. Zombies can be tough when you run into a small group of 5 plus. Hordes have also been spotted in game with over 20 together in a small area. We are just starting to get a taste of zombie hordes in game and it is nerve racking. The long term goal is having many more hordes just wandering the landscape. When this happens, the threat of zombies shall be interesting. Crafting System Crafting system is a great design and I enjoy it a lot. The game has a very simple way to discover new recipes while playing. Just drag and drop into discovery window and poof new recipe. The crafting discover window will show you if there is another recipe to be found with a certain mat. You just need to find the right mats and there you go. We are still seeing new recipes being added and I do not see that stopping anytime soon. It is all about the BASES! You can craft a two story base as of this posting. They do plan on rolling out a new base building system soon in game. Lots of what I will say here will change very soon. You will run around everywhere on the map just to find the right spot for your base of operations. You will start by finding metal scraps from cars to craft your first furnace. Then using the furnace you will make metal bars to start your base building. Then your off to cutting trees to get wood to make planks and sticks to craft your first foundation. Then on to your walls and shelters in the base. You can spend lots of time just base building. I personally love base building and can not wait for new improved base building system to be updated (revamped). It is awesome that you can make a base for your group to store all their loot and plan out your attack plans for the day. Vehicles / Transportation Right now there is only three types of vehicles / transportation in game. First is your jeep (offroader) which is great on all types of terrain and seats 4 players. The pickup truck can carry three players with one in back bed so you can do some drive-by's. Then the infamous Cop car that seats 4 and has sirens. Watch out when my sirens are on, because I am up to no good.. I might just run you over. :) Each vehicle takes parts to run and randomly spawn in different parts of the map. You need at least a spark plug, battery and fuel to start any of them. Fuel can be found as loot and also crafted in game The vehicles also can be equipped with a booster for faster travel and headlights for night time driving. Some of these items might already be in vehicle but other parts you will have to find in game in random locations. Like in gas stations, garages and other random spots. While it is nice to have quicker transportation, it is also a bonus to be able to use vehicles as storage. Going on looting runs with a group is always a blast. That or you just might want to find some other payers to harass and kill for loot. Either way it is always a blast. LOOT LOOT LOOT. Where is a backpack when you need one. Always on loot runs even when you are in player hunting mode. So much to find in game from backpacks, guns, ammo, crafting supplies or that perfect outfit for your player. Looting is fun specially when you kill a zombie or other player that was loaded with stuff. You can never have enough ammo and you will always be looking for more. So what is in the pipe line for future updates? Bigger map for sure and they talk about this a lot. There also will be weather dynamics, from snow, rain, fog ,darker nights and probably much more later on. Zombie H1Z1 virus in full effect where you will need to keep yourself cured or you turn into a zombie. It has been said that when you get close to turning you will see what zombies see. Then you will be able to hunt players easier seeing heat signatures. Once you turn to far you will become a zombie and die.. Then there will be a zombie in the world wearing your gear and can be killed / looted.. There will be medicine that will help you keep the H1 virus in check but still not enough info on that yet. Survival will get harder. When it is cold out you will need to stay warm. Get to cold and you could die. When it rains you will need a dry spot to dry up or you will get sick. You will also need to rest / sleep in future updates. more weapons. Never have enough of those more transportation much more.. My Verdict Overall this game has lots to offer right now in the very early part of the game development cycle. I have to say this is one of the smoothest Alpha builds I have ever been a part of, and I have been in to many to count. The Devs pay close attention to what players want on the Reddit forums, twitter and the forums. With them working so close with the players this game is going to be A+++ when finished. I have ratings below from 1- 10 ,with ten the best. 9 Graphics: Great . Lighting in game is awesome and they are already boosting game models to make it even better 8.5 Sound: Sound is being tweaked constantly but for now this is how I feel. You do get the chills sometimes when music changes though, specially on a PvP server. 9 Gameplay: Having a blast now in game. Bigger groups in this game will even be more fun. Solo play probably would get boring quick , it is a mmo game. 9 Re-playability: I am hooked since launch.. Can not wait for all future updates. 9 Value: long as you don't mind dealing with alpha build of a game then come on over. It is a work in progress and I love helping with bugs and feedback to make this game even better. Best $20 spent in a while on a game. View attachment: h1z1 pic.jpg
  5. I will be able to do a long streaming day on sat. Open to any ideas or streaming schedule.
  6. I joined the team. I will see what I can do to raise some funds.
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