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  1. Destiny, post your rank progression

    hit 25 last night and realized something...i hate this game making me constantly feel like a noob. i have plenty of marks to upgrade but need to level up my rep. so is completing bounties my best move? need to get about 800.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Taggers

  3. Destiny, post your rank progression

    Jumped to 23 with help from ghost
  4. OMG I forgot how awesome Cheetos are...its the little things in life.

  5. Destiny, post your rank progression

    Level 22 Hunter, I do not have it in me to go thru leveling another guy at this time. Maybe when DLC is dropped.
  6. Destiny Clan

    Wow was that buried, I found it all...thanks!!!
  7. Destiny Clan

    I will jump on in a few, I leveled up to 18 so almost ready to play with the big boys ;)
  8. Destiny Clan

    I been digging around trying to figure out why I cant get the TAG Clan name on my Hunter, this might be why? Im not sure what you mean by moved on, still in the group on the website. Any help on getting in the clan would be great.
  9. Destiny Clan

    I am so in, I will have it next week. If the beta is any indication I will have new habit...and I agree with the statement.
  10. Destiny Beta - Thoughts (article)

    i played another 4-6 hours this weekend and had a blast when the explore map opened up on the cosmodrone. I really am digging this game, but finding it impossible to get coop going. i have invited several people to fireteams, even ones that i am obviously working with (taking down battle walker). anyway, i have high hopes for this game. question, will our character carry over to full retail or do we have to play thru this again?
  11. Destiny Beta - Thoughts (article)

    so i said this when i joined, im crazy new to the multiplayer aspects of games. i always went solo. I can figure out how to invite someone to a fireteam, but no idea if they actually tried to join or not. and if there is someone with an opening on their team, how do i join?
  12. Destiny Beta - Thoughts (article)

    Man, that is good info there! I dont get the emblems right now, you can buy them but where do you see them on character?
  13. Destiny Beta - Thoughts (article)

    I will be on around 830 and would love to join in, shoot me a friend request. Added you Cool, I will be on tonight and look for you.
  14. Destiny Beta - Thoughts (article)

    I will be on around 830 and would love to join in, shoot me a friend request.
  15. Destiny Beta - Thoughts (article)

    I played about three hours worth tonight, I mean Peter Dinklage is taking to me the whole time so it is awesome! Seriously though, reminds me a lot of several scifi situations, so far namely Oblivion in terms of setting. I also feel like the big moon thing the darkness is after is going to not be as great as everyone thinks ala the ring in halo. I do think its cool other players are running around in my map but no idea how to interact with those teams. Looking forward to getting a fireteam together as well. I plan on being on again tomorrow night for a few hours, hit me up, I am down for some explosions and guns.
  16. Twitter!

    shweet, updated.
  17. Humble Bundle Deals

    its great, but very deep. there were different graphics packs that the community made that really made the game feel so much better http://www.stonyroad.de/
  18. Humble Bundle Deals

    I used bundle stars last week and picked up some old classic strategy games for $3. It was a pretty good deal for the Europa game, HOI 3, etc. http://www.bundlestars.com/all-bundles/kingdoms-bundle/ Still live if anyone digs them. Sorry if it is off topic or anything, just thought it fit here.
  19. How did you find TAG?

    Simple google search for adult gaming, this link is ok at work...the other adult links I could have clicked would lead to my termination.