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  1. Friday the 13th

    If I'm around I'll play I've been laying low waiting for the patches to roll out This would be a good weekend to jump in to the game. There's a double XP event so unlocking the various counselors and Jason iterations will be quicker. For those who who don't know, each Jason has different strengths and weaknesses. Part VI Jason, for example, has enhanced sense, but a lower top speed. Part VIII's Mr. V is quicker breaking down doors, but is weaker so it's easier for a counselor to break free. Counselors play uniquely from one another. Each is rated 1-10 in each of seven stats.
  2. Friday the 13th

    I've been playing it this week. I purchased it before they patched their servers, so I was unable to play for the first 24 hours I owned the game. They are currently in the process of testing another patch to correct the matchmaking issues, and hopefully it will roll out next week. The only way to ensure you get a game is to join through the LFG option in the game hub. That being said the game is really fun when it works. There's a proximity sound feature, where you can't hear one another unless you're close (unless you have the walkie talkie item). Jason can hear you if you speak too loud, which leads to some tense moments of quiet. If you aren't working as a team, you're screwed. I've been in plenty of matches where we've lost because one player puts the gas in one of two cars on the map, while another puts a battery in the other. Being Jason is a blast, but not as easy as it seems as there are things like pocket knives and other implements the counselors can use to break free of your grip. This leads to your being stunned for a few seconds, and their hauling ass. Each counselor is rated differently in skills such as stealth and luck, which leads to slightly different play styles I kind of like the glitchy video when Jason gets close. It's enough to set off mild panic and have one doing circles looking for Jason. Here's my tip: if Jason is chasing you, stay out of the water.
  3. Bomberman Battlefest

    I think we'll start tomorrow at 8pm central, correct. There is an LFG in the Xbox one TAG group, but I'm not sure how visible those are. Once I start the party tomorrow evening the LFG will pull itself down. I'm ready.
  4. Bomberman Battlefest

    I've created a LFG in the Xbox TAG club. I believe 4-5 of us have it now, so let's do this!
  5. Bomberman Battlefest

    Whoa- I remember this place! ;P So there are a few of us who've taken advantage of the XBO backwards compatibility sale and purchased the titular game for the incredibly low price of $2.49. I'm here to tell you to do the same. Its an 8 player title with many new modes, and I believe we already have four interested parties. The sale is over shortly, so I propose we set a night such as Tuesday of next week to play. For or less than the price of a gallon of milk you too can immolate up to seven of your TAG friends. Think about that.
  6. Phantom Dust Re-release XB1/Win 10 FREE May 16th

    That's the exact issue I have. I don't understand the timing of defense. Otherwise the game is crazy unique to anything I've played before. Thanks for the linkage, Hop. That's some crazy in depth information.
  7. Overwatch Roll Call

    There are now almost enough TAGgers playing to create private rooms. Last night there was a room going with five people, and two rooms with three. Those are happy numbers.
  8. Overwatch

    Torbjorn is life. That is all.
  9. Battleborn

    You can't base your final opinion of this game on the beta, it's not the same game. Both the co-op and multiplayer stuff is frantic and fun. I have a blast every time we can play with a full group.
  10. PvZ Garden Warfare 2

    Count me in on Xbox one.
  11. I've been eye-humping this for a while...

    I saw you playing the other day, Chuckles. I thought about trying to invade your game :
  12. Battlefront TAG Clan

    I've accepted Hop and Smurf, but it's true this has no impact on the game at all.
  13. Rainbow Six: Siege Xbox One Deals with Gold

    R6 is on sale for the XBO. Since I already own it I'm unable to see the price for the regular version. I can see that the Gold Edition is down to $67.49, I believe from $89.99. Someone who doesn't own it can maybe pipe in. Buy it, it's fun!
  14. What I enjoy about R6S

    I agree with the sound being awesome, I always crank my headset. When I'm straining to hear footsteps I find myself holding my breath, as its that accurate. The rounds are quick, so even if your team is getting waxed you won't have to suffer for too long before you can regroup. I have fun with a full known team. I've admittedly never played with a PUG.
  15. I've finally watch Star Wars 4-6!!

    The neighbors of Lucas didn't like him because he tried to put up an IL&M studio on his property and they were whiney because it would lower their property values and ruin their "perfect" neighborhood. So he's going to build multi-unit housing. Burn.