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  1. Reintroduction

    I have CoD for both systems! You can be on my team!
  2. [XB1] New Xbox One Roll Call

    I started playing again as well.
  3. Overwatch Roll Call

    Anyone still playing this game?
  4. Xbox One June 2016 Open Tournament

    I play Killer Instinct
  5. Newb cake!

    Welcome to Tag! Sent out friend request on XB1. My GT is Frisky Buddha
  6. Official Xbox One Gamertag List

    Frisky Buddha
  7. End of the World Game Night! - 12/21/12

    Count me in! If need be I can host as well....Blops 2 that is.
  8. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Transformers Dark of the Moon: 9/10 Awesome movie, the best of the series IMO.
  9. Harro

    Welcome to Tag! My wife is from Jacksonville also.
  10. BF3 on Jimmy Fallon (first time console footage)

    That's awesome I noticed that too. It's funny because I was bitching about that to my wife the other day. Why don't guns have different firing modes. Guns like the M16 and Famas on MW2 are 3 shot burst, I want a full auto mode or a single shot on those guns.
  11. Brink Release moved up, May 10th!

    Can't wait!!!
  12. 48÷2(9+3) = ????

    Answer is 2! PEMDAS Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication First DIVISION second since this seems to be where people get confused Addition Subtraction Order of operations people.
  13. Post "your" CoD Screenshots and Vids here

    One of the perk pro's (forgot which one it was) gives you 2 tomahawks or grenades etc etc.
  14. Am I too old for this stuff? Black Ops...

    Yes. :s1029: