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  1. Necro release date

    Currently dusting off my mouse and keyboard. I will be on Tuesday!
  2. Amazon Fund Raising

    Do we know who contributes the most to the clan via the amazon % click throughs? Because I would definitely like to know if I am leading the pack!
  3. Season 7 starts on August 5th

    I am hoping to stop in as well. I will likely be running DH or WD as well...I enjoyed the WD last season, and am also interested in pushing for the bank space...
  4. Season 6?

    Looks like no action in the forums in some time...How is the clan looking to fire it up for Season 6?
  5. Set Dungeon Challenge Cheese

    If I see you on I can jump in. I only did my HOTA Barb as it was my only toon built and geared with a 6 piece. I did manage to get MAstery in one run! WooHoo!!! 29 hours and counting...
  6. Season 5 Roll Call and Group Planning

    It is almost upon us....
  7. Season 5 Roll Call and Group Planning

    I am in and will be on Friday night until I hit 70...any maybe beyond. I would love a group... I am going back to DH as well.
  8. My Opinion on the Season Journey Sets

    I will be there with bells on next Friday night...
  9. Rollover Gear

    Is there any reason to keep anything? I only play with the clan really, which seems to be seasonal play only...
  10. Season 5 Roll-Call (Class Poll)

    I am going back to my roots, and bringing back my DH...Which I had deleted before they came out with seasonal roll over for the playtime
  11. Season 5 Talk. Class choices, tips and such

    I will be back baby! Clearing my schedule for release for a group that wants to make the run to 70 first night. I will be there...
  12. S4 Role Call/Class Survey

    My plan is a barb for the same reason as House...I have never played one...
  13. Season 4 Launch Night

    Just wanted to pop over and say hey...I have been into Blizzard's other crack jars lately. Looking forward to catching up with some peeps for Season 4 launch night next Friday. So I thought I would throw up a post to see who will be coming, and what people are thinking about running...Maybe get those 4 man teams ready to go! I am thinking I will give the barb a try this season as I have never run one...So let's tank it up!
  14. How to Support TAG

    And what does TAG make? Just a click-through fee? % of sale?
  15. How to Support TAG

    Okay, I am not seeing how this works. How can I know it works? I was not aware of this until now. I spend an OBSCENE amount of money as an amazon prime person. So that should be of great benefit to TAG...