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  1. The Holidays shopping season is upon us, and for those of us that use the hell out of Amazon, don't forget to use the Amazon link at the top of the site when you want to buy something, it really goes a long way to help keep the lights on here at TAG :) Happy Gaming!
  2. Thanks to a huge donation from Outlaw, the server is paid up for a very long time :)
  3. As most of you know, I pay for the ARK hosting out of pocket. I am happy to do this and will continue to do so as long as we have people in TAG playing it. Many of you have asked about helping to support the server. I am going to post donations and balance info here below, updated monthly. If you wish to donate, you can use PAYPAL, just send to anthony.a.webb@gmail.com Thank you VERY much for your donations, we have an awesome ARK community! June 2015 server cost: 44.95 June 2015 donations: 130.62 July 2015 server cost: 44.95 July 2015 donations: 179.95 Balance: +210.67 August 2015 server cost: 44.95 August 2015 donations: 25.00 Balance: +190.05 September 2015 server cost: 44.95 September 2015 donations: 00.00 Balance: +145.10 October 2015 server cost: 44.95 October 2015 donations: 270.00 Balance: +370.15
  4. Thanks for all the behind the scenes hard work Madwik, very much appreciated. I know we don't say it enough :)
  5. August: Osage County 10/10 Rachel and I have watched this movie at least 10 times. I think everyone who watches it can relate it to their life in some way. Some great acting by some great actors. We loved it.
  6. Don't see it on Netflix
  7. Banished - a frontier strategy sim builder

    I bought this a few months ago, I like it as well.
  8. Gamers nearby thread

    Washington DC area atm, moving back to Corpus Christi TX in June of 2015.
  9. How to Support TAG

    So they have made like a billion dollars off of Rachel...
  10. I agree completely. GoG was a great movie. Just the right mix of everything, we would see it again in a heartbeat. 10/10
  11. TAG T-SHIRT Part 2

    One more shirt to go...Tell your friends!
  12. The faces of the TAG community

    Bald is best!
  13. TAG T-SHIRT Part 2

    Thanks! Ordered two!