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  1. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    ill be on in a little bit. About 45min or so
  2. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    Im down to get this done.
  3. about ready for 4man 100s... check out this video

  4. Hi

    Boom. Well done on the intro post.
  5. Good times

    Glad you came back Bro. We have kept the spirit of bad dan-o rift navigation alive!!!
  6. World of Quecraft

    I havent had a que at all. Should come on over to alleria. besides i tank shit... so you can let me down all over again. lol
  7. Clan event Friday night yall!

    i have been on. no TS tho. using discord currently.
  8. Clan event Friday night yall!

    I think TEX broke TS anyway so no one can talk shit.
  9. TAG Raiding: Open Raid

    I am up for it. I have everything except a healer. Have to learn how to tank again anyway.
  10. Season 7 starts on August 5th

    Will be bouncing between Diablo and WOW. Me and Sartan are on alleria with Horde toons.
  11. Higher GR's

    Fire birds archon and twister wiz both ready to push.....
  12. Higher GR's

    i have a wiz rdy to rock. lets do this!!!
  13. The Pom Pom Beanie - OP Accessory

    Pom Pom beanie or bust!
  14. Xbox One Players List

    Im in.
  15. Unlocked the season stash tab

    got mine too, filled it up almost immediately. so many goodies to horde, that i will probably not use.