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  1. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

  2. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

    Yes, did the set active, it is in my network list and I can see the happy hour start time. I tell it to set as my active network and it seems to leave me in the advocate one. I should have been in the TAG one since the beta. Might just delete the TAG one and retry.
  3. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

    I can see TAG as one of my clans along with the advocate one, but when I set TAG as my clan it doesn't seem to work and keeps me in the advocate one. Any suggestions?
  4. Destiny Clan

  5. Destiny Help on Xbox

    Don't forget that you can trade a legendary class engram at Felwinters Peak from Shiro and Tyra will give you a 350 artifact for completing quests
  6. [XB1] New Xbox One Roll Call

    Icky, Vol and I have picked this game back up.
  7. Destiny Clan

    I am back playing. Will look at these if not done already.
  8. Pokémon Go

    Downloaded it last night and went for a walk with the kids to catch pokemon. They had a great time and really liked that you can take pictures with the pokemon. They used up all the pokeballs so we have to take a walk tonight in the other direction to get some more. I know nothing about pokemon as I grew up in the pong/Atari era, but I had fun doing this with the kids and watching them enjoy the game.
  9. *crickets* in The Division?

    Yup, motherland ops in WoT and the repetition pulled me away.. I might actually go back to Destiny for a bit. The free games with gold are ok too.
  10. Project Scorpio announced!

    I know hospitals use them especially for kids that are there for extended stays. Boston children's had a game room in the same section as the beds so the patients don't have to leave the floor. It also gives something for siblings to do.
  11. Destiny Clan

    In clicking around I notice the admin area is a little different. I have different screens for pending approvals, so I would agree that this was probably something internal at Bungie.
  12. Destiny Clan

    Was able to change the PSN name by putting 2 spaces after TAG. Hope that helps.
  13. Destiny Clan

    I can't delete the 93 I get an error that name is already in use. Probably as that is the Xbox clan name. Wyvern13 would have to answer if this is how the different groups were named.
  14. Destiny Clan

    When did you notice the change? I haven't been in since approving Duke in May and all I do is open the mail and hit the approve button. Will take a look at it and see if it is something I can find/change.
  15. Destiny Clan

    I believe that is user linking your PlayStation network account. I don't assign members to pan or xbox. Try in your profile settings and linked accounts to see if you are linked to both or just xbox. Wyvern or Tainted if you know more or have something to add please chime in. Approved