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  1. Fortnite anyone?

    I think i'll be waiting for it to go free to play. I have a buddy that will be playing on PC and TAG buddies on xbox so I don't really want to commit cash to one at this point.
  2. Titanfall 2 Night - Tuesdays

  3. Titanfall 2 Night - Tuesdays

    YES, see you pilots online TONIGHT (TONIGHT (TONIGHT))!!

    Coming 7/25
  5. Weekly Titanfall 2 games Xbox One

    Yes, been too long since I've played this game
  6. Zombie Army Trilogy $12.50 Xbox

    I got some free xbox money so I'll buy this I guess
  7. Zombie Army Trilogy $12.50 Xbox

    Dammit Chuckles... don't make me do it
  8. Marvel Heroes Omega

    I'm down to play sometime
  9. Free games from MS for using Mixer during E3

    Mix pooooooooot!
  10. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    While there haven't been official sales, I've seen retailers bundle the PS4 Pro with a game for $400
  11. E3 2017

    Some random things that interested me: The Last Night - looks gorgeous Ashen - co-op dark souls ish game Ori and the Will of the Wisps - nuff said State of Decay 2 - also nuff said Dishonored DLC (or standalone thing?) Skull & Bones - AC Black Flag but just the ship combat parts Also OMG SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS
  12. Bomberman Battlefest

    Also got it
  13. Get Out

    Heard this was fantastic, been wanting to check it out for a while now.
  14. The Dark Tower teasers

    The trailers are a little too "Action movie" for me but I realize they need to appeal to a wider audience. Other than that, I can't wait until this comes out!