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  1. Couch coop question

    Been looking into these games (from the bottom of the list up). Looks like they are online co-op, LAN, system link. What we are looking for is single screen (non-split screen) couch co-op. We want to play offline, with one console (xbox1), two controllers, single screen (games we've played that have what we're looking for are Diablo 3 and Laura Croft and the Temple of Osiris). Anyone have any ideas? Laura Croft Temple of Osiris couch co-op screenshot (4 players co-op shown, we're looking for 2 player): Laura Croft Co op picture Diable 3 Co-op screenshot: Diable 3 co-op picture
  2. I'm Baaaack

    Thanks for the welcome back
  3. Couch coop question

    Thanks all, I'm going to check into these. Diablo 3 has unlimited potential but a selection of games is always preferred. The more the merrier
  4. I'm Baaaack

    Diablo 3 right now. GoW SP but ran that through in a couple of hours.
  5. Am I the only...

    ...I lost THE GAME
  6. Couch coop question

    Mrs SNAFU and I bought a xbox 1. We were looking for couch coop games that played single screen, no split screen to play together and found Diablo 3 (excellent game). Does anyone know of any other games that play couch coop the same as Diablo 3? No split screen, all players on the same screen simultaneously. We like playing that way, Mrs SNAFU does not/will not play split screen. THX SNAFU
  7. I'm Baaaack

    Greetings all. It's been a while, quite a while. Got a Xbox1, first xbox since 2 died from rings of death. Wanted to see what's new and exciting. SNAFU
  8. I Lost The Game

  9. Greatest portrait of all time (NSFWish)

    So how do I un-see it?
  10. Ditto, I wanted to see what TAGers had to say first. No too much that is good.
  11. Rep for me

    OK, here's the deal. Give me Rep......... You get nothing in return except possibly Rep from me. Oh yeah, I'll not put you on ignore. Now wouldn't you feel good about giving me Rep? Oh shut up and do it anyway. TTYL
  12. (TAN) The Thread About Nothing/Post-Whoring