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  1. (Real) Sun Keeper Build

    (Real) Sun Keeper Build This came up in my recommended YouTube list. Thought you folks may enjoy it. Be warned, its 1.5 hours long.
  2. What am I supposed to use for streaming?

    I set up OBS, but I never actually streamed.
  3. Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer

    New vid added to the OP.
  4. DOOM (1993 ORIGINAL GAME) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

    Caved and bought Doom (before reviews) for $32.66 on http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/doom-pc-cd-key-steam Promo code: DOOM666
  5. Dustline & patch

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Dust Line Trailer [US]
  6. Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer

    Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer I'll be interested in actual game play footage, or even a beta trial. Geeez! You can already Pre-Order (at discount) on http://www.kinguin.net/category/17663/battlefield-5-origin-cd-key/ Edit: Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis I THE GREAT WAR Special
  7. Selling Items?

    I do see it. Thank you sir! :)
  8. Selling Items?

    Perhaps I'm just missing it or not see it listed as a sub forum option, but here is what I see at the top of the forums list.
  9. Selling Items?

    Do we have an area where we are allowed to offer items for sale (deals thread, maybe), or is that not allowed at all?
  10. Cutting the Cord

    If anyone is interested, Fire TV is on sale @ 15% off, for $84.99. Supports wireless AC, HDMI 2.0, SD card expansion, and Ethernet, also voice search, but I don't think I've used that. I bought one this past January and I think its a lot better then Roku. I also just bought a 128gb SD card for it, and moved Kodi onto it.
  11. DOOM (1993 ORIGINAL GAME) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

    Couldn't agree more. It was Quake 2 DM for me that made me learn to build PC's. I remember the original Half Life, and Unreal getting released, and I was still just a hard core Q2 DM junkie. I thought, if it didn't come from the "black cube" (ids original offices) then, meh! Wasn't till years later that I finally played HL single player. For years, even after Q3, I would only play MP-FPS games, and I would only play the SP long enough to learn the speed, movement, guns and such. Today, its pretty much a 180, now I don't really play MP-FPS at all and stick to RPG SP a lot more.
  12. DOOM (1993 ORIGINAL GAME) (Teens React: Retro Gaming) The teens get to see the new Doom at the end. For reference. I think it was about 1997 when I got to play Doom for the 1st time, perhaps 96 (its a bit foggy). I know I played it on whatever console it was released on back in the day as well. By 98/99, I started buying all the released Doom versions on PC (wish I had kept those boxes). 98/99 (again, foggy) being the year I built my 1st PC for gaming.
  13. The Future is Now!

    I thought so as well.
  14. Cutting the Cord

    Cut the cord in 2012. Personally, I wouldn't buy anything for TV (currently) that didn't allow me to run Ethernet to it. My routers support wireless AC (one upstairs, one down), but I still think wireless is far more a PITA then its worth on most of my internet devices. I'ed rather spend time hiding cable once, then trouble shooting wireless issues (speed, disconnect, signal, bleh). So I only have a the phones (2) and Tabs (4) on wireless. None of which are speed, or heavy usage reliant. I guess I did buy one Roku Stick for the spare room (Router right outside the door) for when my mother or anyone else visits. That was like 1.5 years ago. Its not been used yet. Since I sold the TV that was in the spare room, I put the Roku Stick in a drawer. Rest of the upstairs rooms have Roku's with Ethernet, and I run Amazon Fire TV (with Ethernet) down stairs in the Living room when I don't use the built in apps on the (Ethernet) TV's. P.S. Verizon Fios here. Its 60mbps up and down. Not great, but its been very reliable.
  15. The Future is Now!

    No idea how long this vid will last on YT, before Google gets it removed.