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  1. Overwatch Wednesdays

    I ususally only get on around 10pm PST. Go ahead and hit me up if you ever want to play late. It's been a while since I jumped on Overwatch
  2. Anyone still playing The Division?

    Got a great set of 256 gear and weapons! Just working on fine tuning everything. survival is intense. A friend and I actually won the first time. We have 2 minutes of life left. Shit was intense. Hint: TRUST NOBODY. Oh, and don't revive people because that person may have a coat you need ;) finished off a lot of downed players hoping to steal their stuff.
  3. Anyone still playing The Division?

    So after spending 200+ hours in this game from launch until the first incursion, I am ready to try it out again. The first incursion with the glitches and low rate drop got me to leave. Hear the new update really fixed this game. Ready to jump back in!! Will take some getting used to again. Shoot me a party invite if you see me online. Could use someone to hold my hand through what's changed! And tips on getting the new gear/what's good. I have the "best" min/max gear from before they added gear score, but I am sure that won't help me much anymore.
  4. 3DS VS VITA

    Highly suggest the N3DS. Picked one up while my gf was stuck in the hospital for a week in Southern California. Been loving it so far. You can play all the classic games along with the newer 3D ones. Great for playing while laying in bed or on the road
  5. Pokémon Go

    I'm addicted. Helps living in a big city with pokestops and gyms all over. Have walked well over 40 miles the past few days just playing this game. Have a handful of 1000+CP and the rest are at least above 500! My gf got pretty into it as well. People are out at all times of the day. Decited to head out at 11PM last night and the streets were filled. I was impressed
  6. Overwatch Wednesdays

    After 9 minutes of objective time hah
  7. Overwatch Wednesdays

    That weekly brawl was terrible and insane at the same time
  8. Overwatch Roll Call

    I'll be on late tonight, but early tomorrow!
  9. Overwatch Roll Call

    Picked this up on Xbox and loving it so far!! need some people who play it
  10. Project Scorpio announced!

    I have two, but only use one of them.
  11. We Happy Few

    This game looks amazing! Was suprised that after all of E3, this had me the most hyped. Pre ordered it instantly. Had a very Bioshock-y feel to it and the artwork/concept looks awesome. Trailer if you haven't seen it. Who else is looking forward to this one?
  12. Project Scorpio announced!

    Just picked up a nice new shiny 4K TV last week. Jumping on the Xbox S at release and then definitely grabbing the Scorpio! I have 2 Xbox Ones at the moment and will have no need for more than that. Any respectable places that accept console donations?
  13. New XBOX ONE Dash today 11/12/2015

    Really like the new "My Games & Apps" layout!!
  14. Post your setup!

    It is random. From what I've seen from probably over 200 Challenge runs is that holsters are the most rewarded thing. I've deconstructed WAY too many holsters
  15. Post your setup!

    Awesome! And 2 mod slots on the Mask! You can get 3 on the chest piece as well. It's very helpful! If you want some holsters, run Lexington on Challenge.