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  1. Season 10 Roll Call

    What I play will likely depend on the set given. WD/Wiz/DH/Monk are my plans.
  2. 2.5.0 PTR

    So it looks like next season will be really interesting to play. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20529333/patch-250-ptr-notes-1-31-2017 Armory is coming. Primal Ancient items to grind for.
  3. XCOM 2

    The story goes on as if you lost the first XCOM. The RNG is typical of XCOM, you are supposed to strategize so it doesn't matter as much.
  4. Season 2

    10 minute ban on queing for competitive, can still que in quick play. Rating loss equivalent to taking a loss.
  5. Civilization 6

    Ok, finished another playthrough. No UN. Feels hard to get information on other civs, no good display there. No golden ages. Amenities vs. Housing can be an issue I'm still sorting through.
  6. Civilization 6

    Science victory is now a Mars Colony. Fusion and nanotech is about the end of the line, I think Civ 5 took it farther.
  7. Civilization 6

    Rock solid release, nothing obviously missing. Maybe if they bring in corporations like Civ 4. Full religion, great people, great works. Loving it.
  8. Civilization 6

    Maybe it's because I played until I passed out...
  9. Civilization 6

    Not in my 2000 hours in civ 5 did I notice this issue.
  10. Civilization 6

    I don't do shenanigans Chuckles, so I wouldn't be the person to ask. Marathon game speed is crazy - at least until I'm more familiar with mechanics. Late game feels like it progresses too fast.
  11. Civilization 6

    So far I'm really liking it. Made a few missteps with the new religious war and how to advance your religion.
  12. Civilization 6

    Anyone else about to play just one more turn?
  13. New Overwatch Map Incoming

    Looks like fun!
  14. What do you do at work?

    Rocket surgery.
  15. Season 7 starts on August 5th

    I think I'm going to commit blasphemy and roll a witch doctor. Will be distracted by the kid, so not sure how much time I'll get in.