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  1. CODMW: Remastered stand alone announced

    Because it's all free money to them. The game already helped them sell another game, and now they're milking it with no cost to them.
  2. Some classic sci-fi (books)

    I know I've been plugging this forever as I've been binge reading them, but The Dark Tower is a must.
  3. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Don't worry, a nice trip to Disney World will cheer you right back up (and those jerks know it).
  4. Rate the last movie you watched.

    The way the Toy Story movies capture being a kid, being an older kid, and no longer being a kid... masterful.
  5. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Cars 3 actually pays homage to this.
  6. Friday the 13th

    Same here. I have a feeling this might mirror Evolve: group jumps in when it's cheap... wouldn't be surprised if it lasts about as long as Evolve did, too. :/
  7. Rate the last movie you watched.

    I don't know that the original Cars really set up Toy Story 3 as a sequel.
  8. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Cars 3 was the sequel that Cars 2 should have been.
  9. Friday the 13th

    Has this game kept up on interest at all? Still being played?
  10. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    The actual hardware comparison is fair, that's for sure. I'm just not seeing the reason to upgrade if there aren't any games that you have to have the newer hardware for. Unless you want 4K or the other technical improvements, of course.
  11. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    Interesting that the console upgrades (the between gen systems) are now up to $500. They can say that the "generations are over" but we all know there will be another huge jump in 2-4 years. I'm just not sure what the big deal is here to spend that kind of money compared to the launch version.
  12. Friday the 13th

    I'll be grabbing this next time it hits a Steam sale, for sure.
  13. You guys still active in OW

    Just to reiterate, make sure you're in discord on #windows-gaming and #overwatch as we usually ping there when folks are playing.
  14. Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    I'd like to once again thank George Lucas for selling LucasArts so that Disney could prove that puppetry can still put butts in seats in front of screens.