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  1. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    I just finished it but I'll come back on in 45 min.
  2. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    Anyone around tonight to knock out this quest?
  3. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    Thanks. I got it.
  4. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    I'm definitely game for this. Ill be around in the evening both Sat and Sun and sporadically this week.
  5. Anniversary weekend

    I will. Thank you.
  6. Anniversary weekend

    I bought a headset for my X Box and downloaded Overwatch for the free weekend. Anyone up for some games Sunday/Monday? I'll be around from 8 pm (PST) until whenever those days. Looking forward to getting some games in with TAG folks if anyone is up for it. I've got it on PC too. Haven't played much since beta, however. Feel free to add me: ChemicalHeretic
  7. American Gods

    I agree wholeheartedly. Fantastic book and worth reading again. I can't wait to see it. I hope they don't eff it up.
  8. Pillars of Eternity II

    I never played it. I suppose I should check it out.
  9. Steam Group Cleanup

    Gah! You kicked me!
  10. Christmas with Overwatch!

    I should probably buy this now. :)
  11. Official Xbox One Gamertag List

    Finally got an xb one! Now i just need to get some games and a mic. Gametag: ChemicalHeretic
  12. Westworld

    Only watched the first episode. So good.
  13. Necromancer

    I'm going to pick up D3 again and this would definitely keep me playing again. Need new content really bad.
  14. Legion Guild (Horde)

    Oh cool. I'll definitely look into it.
  15. Bing Rewards

    Excellent! Thank you for that.