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  1. Division id Cards

    Get your own here. https://divisionid.com/nc/create-strategic-homeland-division-id-card.html
  2. Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

    Xbox one : BIG BAD G
  3. Started playing last night.... gt: BIG BAD G
  4. GTA V / R* Social Club Members

    Sent request....purplebigsloppy Playing on xbone: bigbadg
  5. Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition for Xbox One

    Milkman i still play a little. I'm getting burned out on destiny too so ill probably start playing a bit more. I'll add you and feel free to jump in anytime
  6. Destiny Game Night (PS4/XBO) - Every Tuesday

    I'll be playing on XB1 : BIGBADG
  7. Official Xbox One Gamertag List

    Big bad g
  8. Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition for Xbox One

    Got the game yesterday from gamefly. Never played any Diablo game before.....played last night and really liked it. Have not played multiplayer yet.....should be on later tonight would like to do some multiplayer. Gamertag on xb1 big bad g.
  9. Destiny Clan

    Request sent.