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  1. Need more wings? Who wants to help?

    Got it done yesterday. Chirality even jumped in for a few games. If anyone else needs help send me a MSG in game and I will help out.
  2. I got an invite to the Necro beta!

    I got an invite the other day on round 2 of invites. I'm not doing the seasonal though. I jumped on the regular and used all my paragon and a high dps weapon with a gem of ease. Almost 70 now and can start using the sets. Been watching some videos and so far the sets are a little meh. But that is do to there not being any class specific legs in yet for the class to synergize with the sets. Who else got in to the beta? Would like to run with others.
  3. Grifts and how to run them

    This may contain some common knowledge but it does have some great stuff as well. Not to mention builds and strats for different metas. It's worth a read for those that are gonna be running the higher ones for sure. https://troupster.com/diablo-3-guide-rift-trade-secrets/
  4. Good times

    Granted this game some cool shit added to it but you guys and girls make it worth playing again. This past weekend was a lot of fun. Glad to be back blowing shit up and the best part talking shit and cracking jokes like we always do. You all are awesome!
  5. Season 10 Roll Call

    I can do a barb as well
  6. Season 10 Roll Call

    Looking forward to blowing shit up. Jumped on for a little last night and was messing with the cube and got a set primal from it.
  7. Season 10 Roll Call

    I will be there and more than likely I will be a witch doctor
  8. 2.5.0 PTR

    Thinking I will be playing me some season 10. Still bummed about the game not getting any love and no news on whats next. But after playing wow the last few months I have been missing blowing up stuff and talking smack. See you bitches when the new season kicks off!
  9. Necromancer

    I love the Necro class. Best the game ever had. But I highly doubt that I see myself paying money for a class to run around and get bored with in the same rifts over and over again. Hard to believe that this is all Blizzard can come up with for the 20 year anniversary. The D1 remake in D3 sounds meh. After so many years of neglecting the game this is the best they came up with?
  10. World of Quecraft

    Yeah it's been a very populated sever for a long time. I started there when the game came out. But I know this if they offered me a chance to leave I would.
  11. World of Quecraft

    I guess I should know better by now. I have been on Stormrage forever. I figured it would be okay after all the great things I read about the launch. So I buy the game and reload it. Fire it up and see the good ole que. It has gone up since I logged in. Been 4 hours now and I'm leaving it up for shits and giggles now. I started pretty low. Now i'm up in the 4450 range. This is crazy.
  12. 2.4 Map updates

    Looks pretty damn cool
  13. Still working on TS?

    Having with drawls from talking smack to my fellow D3 peoples
  14. Clan event Friday night yall!

    Where you bitches at?
  15. Higher GR's

    I have my zdps doc ready to go, well I need to up some gems but the rest is ready to go. So who's down?