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  1. Darkening of Tristram Shenanigans

    I think to get the butcher pet you need to reach the portal with a level 1 guy and beat it in one run through (any difficult, season or non season) and it'll grant the pet account wide. I blazed through it once with a heavily twinked lvl 1 non season barb with gem of ease items, hellfire, krelms, cains fate/destiny, invigorating, paragon, the works in about 15 minutes. After that i deleted the character and went back for a slow roll on my other characters to farm the temporal priests and unique elite dudes for the rest of the awards. I'm still working on the elite uniques for the portrait frame. I still have the 7 journal pages if you don't want to grind the priests - they're trade-able. Hop on anytime I can pass them to you.
  2. Darkening of Tristram Shenanigans

    I did a run through to get the Butcher pet and Royal Calf pet, now grinding the labyrinth for those unique elite kills to get a shiny? portrait. You guys plan on running the new season tonight?
  3. Season 9

    Anyone returning for season 9? If so, what class are you rolling?
  4. This is really only for the frustrated experienced players who want to understand the attack mechanics. Gargantuan Damage Calculator
  5. Thanks, this was a helpful post. I know... one month later.
  6. If You're In TAG Tribe Please Respond!

    Black and Silver and Black
  7. Congrats to Juniper for winning with 9pts! Awarded with an Ascendent hide hat! Bear comes in a close second with 8 points and Buttah coming in 3rd with 7 points. Kwahn even after a death finished with 6 points and... Deede managed 4 pts by killing dodos named Kwahn (2pts), serious? (1pt), and kill me pls (1pt)
  8. Wild dino damage buff a bit excessive

    The original intent of the boosting difficulty was to bring back the sense of danger and challenge. I think the raised dino damage multiplier accomplishes that quite well. Under the old settings we could face roll everything with just one mid level saddled dino vs now a fully geared high level rex or sabercat still needs to be wary. I personally like how it requires us to tread more carefully, choose our battles, let our pets recover from wounds and properly secure our bases. With that being said, I do also agree it might be a bit rough for new players, but this should encourage group play, provide motivation to taming higher level dinos and add a since of progression. So I recommend the middle ground by reducing the dino damage multiplier from 3.0 to 2.0 and raise the dino resistance to 1.5. This would make wild dinos hit a little bit softer, but will still remain a threat to saddled dinos while keeping the fight longer which allows more time to respond appropriately. Just remember we're at the top of the food chain with our superior intellect, dexterity and technology. :)
  9. Last Night's Broodmother Kill

    Do you guys want to try doing a temporary metal cage and 10 beds for the next spawning and pike/bow the broodmother?
  10. Share your standard loadout

    Naked. I'm pretty much naked 100% of most of the time. It helps with re-inviting folks back to the tribe.
  11. Possible alternate TAG server

    I like the idea, but I don't like the split community thing, i like being able to talk to everyone and hear the friendly shit talk between folks. ideally i would like to see everyone on one server with a some sort of PvPvE mesh Server Setting Ideas that might work: -optional pvp, pvers protected by admin, set goals of elimination between those who opt pvp -seasonal resets every 4-6 weeks (maybe not a server wipe, but character reset/obelisk upload) -randomized tribes - though i know people might prefer to play in their own cliches i feel it would keep the community mixed and interesting -locked pvp population for duration of season - if there are 30 players at the beginning of the season, and 15 opt to pvp, no new tribe members can join unless one leaves, everyone else is pve -limited lives - if you die 3 times you are "out" until next season and you have to rejoin a PVE tribe until next season or something -a reference map for designated safe/neutral/hostile zones - that makes high value regions more difficult to occupy prefab structures by admins to show borders and to enforce safe zones -cooperative prisoners and prisoner time limit - i don't really want to log on to being a torpored prisoner with 200 narcotics on me, but the idea of trading resources to free a tribemate is cool or if i'm captured i get an option to trade a dino for my freedom or wait for tribemates to free me within a time limit, if time limit is exceed then i'm traded away to admin that pays the capturing tribe a big bounty
  12. Another Tribe?

    There is also a tribe on the west coast called Brotherhood, but they aren't active.

    Woo! Thanks everyone who helped obtain the last two artifacts!
  14. We are two relics away from summoning the Broodmother!!! I'm planning on summoning her on Sunday sometime soon at the Red Obelisk. (25.5 / 26.5) After the last three attempts on the 5th cave we'll need a slightly larger party to get through it. The final cave will be the lava cave. Please let me know if you would like to participate in cave running and what times work for you so we can schedule a time that includes everyone. For those who don't know, there is a passage up the mountain on the east side that winds up to the top if you want to bring your high powered dinos to help kill the Broodmother. You are not required to bring a dino if you just want to watch. Teamspeak is required if you wish to participate. Participants Drakken Kwahn Buttah Rich ManiacMagoo henryjennings ewokonfire (gronk) Deede Renee Papertigers Eddie (Formerly Pink) Duane
  15. Don't know what went on last night, but glad you guys found a solution. As for the for game mechanics, core structures; foundations, fence, walls have a radius that prevents respawn of any sort; dinos/resources/supply crates. From the devs it is to prevent stuff like trees from growing through your house, or a scorpion on your bed or camping high value sites. Tis why I have my setup built off to the side and kept it tiny so it only prevents a minimal amount of rocks from spawning. You're always welcome to use my setup if you need to farm mats, that is... if you kick back on the sauce. ;)