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  1. Great write up man! Supplemental: For Wiz, can gamble for Etched Sigil. New Challenge Rift gains: 4.6 million gold 475 Blood Shard 10 DBS - good enough to cube one item, not two since upgrade smith will need DBs 15 x Bounty Mats ~300 - white mats ~200 - blue mats ~100 - yellow mat ~10 souls Note for rolling lvl 70 weapon - Roll no more than 5 times before just crafting another weapon. at 5 rolls, your cost is 40-50k gold per roll then it jumps to ~70k. it is significantly cheaper (gold wise) to craft another viable 70 weapon (1k gold), so you have to balance gold vs mats. if you don't get your 70 weapon with 4 different weapons, THEN it'll be worth it to loop back around and trying your 6th, 7th rolls. if you still don't get a viable lvl 70 weapon, then uninstall diablo and throw your computer out the window. On average (I test 60 items), it took me about 60(4x15) of each mat with bout 450k to 600k gold to get a lvl 70 weapon down to between 45-60. You'll have about 5 million+ gold to work with by the time you hit 45-60, so I'll likely attempt to make the 70 weapon right away and see what i get, then try again once i hit 45 and once more by 60 if i haven't gotten it. BORNS/CAINS Don't forget to try for borns/cain after bounty turn in
  2. Darkening of Tristram Shenanigans

    I think to get the butcher pet you need to reach the portal with a level 1 guy and beat it in one run through (any difficult, season or non season) and it'll grant the pet account wide. I blazed through it once with a heavily twinked lvl 1 non season barb with gem of ease items, hellfire, krelms, cains fate/destiny, invigorating, paragon, the works in about 15 minutes. After that i deleted the character and went back for a slow roll on my other characters to farm the temporal priests and unique elite dudes for the rest of the awards. I'm still working on the elite uniques for the portrait frame. I still have the 7 journal pages if you don't want to grind the priests - they're trade-able. Hop on anytime I can pass them to you.
  3. Darkening of Tristram Shenanigans

    I did a run through to get the Butcher pet and Royal Calf pet, now grinding the labyrinth for those unique elite kills to get a shiny? portrait. You guys plan on running the new season tonight?
  4. Season 9

    Anyone returning for season 9? If so, what class are you rolling?
  5. This is really only for the frustrated experienced players who want to understand the attack mechanics. Gargantuan Damage Calculator