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  1. Dragonman3578's Intro

    I'm cooler than @Hoptimus, though.
  2. Dragonman3578's Intro

    Hey hey, I'm KillerOfBunnies on Xbox!
  3. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Misunderstood. I'm talking about her fighting ability 'n such bouncing from kickassery to "hey watch me bend my wrists and snap 'em with the most briefest of contacts".
  4. Rate the last movie you watched.

    I just really really wanna bang Gal Gadot.
  5. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales 8 / 10 (personal score: 6 / 10) The set pieces are as one would expect: colorful, vivid and even lively. The expected humor is there as well. Quick, sharp and at times very unfortunately self-aware. Because, while still humorous, it wasn't anything new. It's simply more of the same. Disney is clearly operating under the wisdom of not fixing what ain't broke. The new villain feels almost like a rehash. Which is odd because he's his own, cool-lookin' baddie. His henchmen barely serve as a backdrop, however. The two points lost are for the story. One for the uninspired main story. You can practically hear the check boxes being marked one by one as it progresses. The other for the missed backstories that would explain how everyone and everything got to where we find them at the movie's start. I can't help but feel that would have made a much more entertaining and compelling flick. The movie didn't do anything wrong. It simply didn't do much, if anything, right. I dunno. Maybe I watched it on an "off" day.
  6. Rate the last movie you watched.

    Wonder Woman 8.5 / 10 The movie was an overall fun experience. What nitpicks there are (and they are only nitpicks) are completely overshadowed by the movie's pacing and quality. Gal Gadot brings Wonder Woman to life! I was one of the many that were first annoyed by her not fitting the "type casting" for WW. And she made us all wrong. Chris Pine did a perfect job, all the actors did, of being great while still having the focus be Gadot. The movie loses half a point for the back-and-forth of Wonder Woman's trained amazon warrioring to girly wannabe ass kicker and back again. Oddly, it was only present after she leaves the island (uh, spoiler). An entire point is lost for the last bit of the climactic conclusion. By no means does it ruin nor mar the flick. It was simply uninspired cliche weak sauce. Coupled with that weird back-and-forth I mentioned earlier it didn't damage the movie yet it certainly didn't do it any favors. I was honestly amazed how unpolitical the movie was. It has its messages but they are in the vein of yesteryear: short and sweet, not blunt and shallow in accordance to the messes of modern left and right. I watched the movie in 3D and there really isn't a pressing need for it, no CGI that screams for it 'n such. But there are several moments where it is used well. For a fun escape you could do much, much worse than Wonder Woman.
  7. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    PS4 Pro will drop in price before The X release. They'll call it the holiday sale. Then they'll bundle the hell out it for Christmas. This will be targeted to screw with Microsoft sales. Microsoft will be forced to respond with a $50 price drop and then bundling. It's how console releases (new vs. current, etc.) have always played out.
  8. Project Scorpio Hardware Reveal (duuuuude)

    Microsoft will very likely lower the price a bit (hey, we heard you gamers and since we're so cool we've lowered the price!) before release. Just yuz wait...
  9. Injustice 2 trailer

    I'll set it lower for ya'll. Pussies.
  10. Injustice 2 trailer

    Use the code CEJD1
  11. Injustice 2 trailer

    Made you guild officer and then fucked with the settings too much. So, uh...I kinda need to be let in...
  12. Injustice 2 trailer

    Heeeeeey....ya know...there's a TAG guild...
  13. Orville trailer

    This is a Seth McFarlane Star Trek spoof movie. Huh.
  14. Injustice 2 trailer

    Damn, was that really 2014?!?