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  1. Welcome, salutations and beware @hybridhavoc (he's bitey).
  2. Justice League official trailer

    Yeah, not too impressed with the his CGI.
  3. Help me decide

    ^^^^^ A true patriot.
  4. SNES Mini Preorders Available

    Aaaaand They're gone.
  5. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    I have to be counted out. I'm picking up triple-time at work and want to see how long I can keep that going.
  6. Destiny 2 beta stream

    The shotty I was using seemed OP in comparison to the other weapons, which felt much weaker. Yeah, the strike boss felt more like an encounter and much less squishy. The strike layout even had echoes of a raid. The weapon slots baffle me a bit. The Hunter's exotic hand canon was put in the second slot, allowing me to have two hand canon slots and my sniper in the heavy slot (grenade launcher feels useless to me). The lack of seeming structure allows for more customizationbut...I don't think I like it. Yet.
  7. Destiny 2 beta stream

    Whaddya think on how the weapons are equipped now?
  8. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    I'm away on Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat.
  9. The Layover

    I may actually watch this with a date.
  10. Help me decide

  11. Help me decide

    Get an Xbox.
  12. Destiny 2 beta stream

    Welp, I've already played it so ya'll don't need to watch his stream.
  13. Age of Triumph Cleanup - XB1

    Saw what ya were talkin' about. I'm also at level 5. Need to finish my Titan, Hunter and that pvp crap.