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    Ninja, are you free tonight? I can start putting one together with a start time of 9et if you are available tonight.
  2. Besmertnyi says Hi

  3. Ubo Whoops Crota

    Check out this video Ubo Slays Crota! New Crota Challenge is an absolute blast.
  4. Wednesday Nights Destiny Fun (PS4)

    Just a quick FYI... On Wednesday nights, we are running raids, nightfalls, or whatever floats your boat. So far, it has been an absolute blast. The raids begin around 9et, but a few of us have been showing up early for nightfalls etc.
  5. insert generic intro title here

    hmmm, @LilUbo, you should probably get tested
  6. insert generic intro title here

    Welcome to TAG. Do you play anything else on PS4? What do you teach/coach? Also, don't short change us, we may be old, but we have plenty of rage and immature chat!
  7. Gears of War 4 news and updates

    I'll be playing this title off and on for quite some time. I'm glad they continue to make this game even better. Gears 4 will likely be my most played game this year. That said, it's sharing time with Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. I'm still open for some TAG PvZ Garden Warfare 2 time as well!
  8. NHL ps4

    I had to take a little break from this game. My knuckles got too sore from @LilUbo hitting them with his face!
  9. Return of the ?

    Oh, it's very much a thing.
  10. Return of the ?

    Hit me up anytime @BlackburnD... I play both TF2 and BF1 on PS4.
  11. Hello folks

    Welcome to TAG. I hope you join on us on Halo night (Thursdays). You'll get to meet @studknckl. He is a few years your senior, but a nice guy none the less!
  12. Worst Video Game of 2016

    I'll preface by saying I like all the games I purchased in 2016. However, the worst for me is Titanfall 2. I like it, but it is the worst for me. In my opinion, they took a step back, a big step back. The graphics seem worse, the customization seems less, and being in a titan doesn't feel nearly as visceral as it was in the first game.
  13. PS4 Battlefield 1 Active Roster

    Just picked it up... scotty918
  14. A fun problem for anyone interested...

    I can run faster scared than you can angry!
  15. A fun problem for anyone interested...

    You wouldn't, I guarantee you. This is not a problem I gave any of my students. It's a riddle given by Art Cashin from "Cashin's Comments". He's a UBS Financial Services dude that puts out a newsletter. These newsletters sometimes have a riddle. I like to solve them just for fun. However, I solved and then shared this one because it is such a good problem. Very low level mathematics is needed to find the solution and 8th grade Algebra can be used to prove the results. However, the nature of the problem is so counter intuitive to most of us that the solution evades many people. It's difficult to reconcile that the distance between the two poles has no impact on the height where they cross.