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  1. Protein drinks that don't taste like ass

    I have been using the protein meal replacement powder from www.labrada.com great stuff! I actually buy several different things from there to include the pre workout. Their protein power rocks! In one year i went from a size 42 to 36. I finally gained muscle and went off the cholesterol, blood pressure and acid reflux meds. I can actually sleep without my cpap. I hate getting up in the morning and am usually running late so i always drink the labrada meal replacement shakes. I have been using this stuff for about 2 years. good luck!
  2. Star Wars Rebels anyone?

    it was a great season finale!
  3. gamer tags for bwa clan members

    i already have you in bro. Welcome to the forums!
  4. Battlefront TAG Clan

    looks like just a forum for the "clan" and nothing more.
  5. Back from the dead

    I may start back on Warcrack but that is not set in stone just yet. ha
  6. Back from the dead

    Thanks for the renewed welcome! I do have WOT, Star Wars and BLOPS and will eventually get the other popular games. so send me a friends request please.
  7. Back from the dead

    Ive been away for a couple of years and only played World of Tanks on the 360. Thanks! That is one game i will surely purchase one i get with my treasurer. ha
  8. Back from the dead

    Yo yo yo! This is reerun and yes its the same fat mexican from back in the day. Well i did lose 35 pounds since then so im just fluffy now. I finally got the xbox one for xmas so im down for some gaming. Im not Tennessee for those of you who care. I have Star Wars, Black ops 3, Ill be getting more soon. Hit me up!
  9. Hurry: Witcher 2 FREE on Xbox.com

  10. Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

    xbox one - reerun865
  11. Battlefront TAG Clan

    add me for xbox one reerun865
  12. New TAG Site

    Thanks for all the hard work!
  13. Star Wars Rebels anyone?

    Im loving the series as well as my 4 yr old.