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  1. Protein drinks that don't taste like ass

    I have been using the protein meal replacement powder from great stuff! I actually buy several different things from there to include the pre workout. Their protein power rocks! In one year i went from a size 42 to 36. I finally gained muscle and went off the cholesterol, blood pressure and acid reflux meds. I can actually sleep without my cpap. I hate getting up in the morning and am usually running late so i always drink the labrada meal replacement shakes. I have been using this stuff for about 2 years. good luck!
  2. Star Wars Rebels anyone?

    it was a great season finale!
  3. Here's why i can't play MMORPG games

    I dont craft anything, i just sell it and just rely on the drops. screw it!
  4. Xbox One Players List

    I am in reerun865 gamer tag
  5. gamer tags for bwa clan members

    i already have you in bro. Welcome to the forums!
  6. Battlefront TAG Clan

    looks like just a forum for the "clan" and nothing more.
  7. Back from the dead

    I may start back on Warcrack but that is not set in stone just yet. ha
  8. Back from the dead

    Thanks for the renewed welcome! I do have WOT, Star Wars and BLOPS and will eventually get the other popular games. so send me a friends request please.
  9. Back from the dead

    Ive been away for a couple of years and only played World of Tanks on the 360. Thanks! That is one game i will surely purchase one i get with my treasurer. ha
  10. Back from the dead

    Yo yo yo! This is reerun and yes its the same fat mexican from back in the day. Well i did lose 35 pounds since then so im just fluffy now. I finally got the xbox one for xmas so im down for some gaming. Im not Tennessee for those of you who care. I have Star Wars, Black ops 3, Ill be getting more soon. Hit me up!
  11. Hurry: Witcher 2 FREE on

  12. Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

    xbox one - reerun865