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  1. Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    Yeah I was definitely hoping for new characters, oh well.
  2. Nintendo Switch Initial Impressions

    Good stuff, thanks for posting. I definitely want it, but with my backlog the way it is right now I'll probably hold off. Maybe there will be some bundles come Christmas time. I'm looking forward to giving BotW a playthrough. Have you had any issues with the left joy con?
  3. Best SP campaign of 2016?

    Uncharted 4 and Life is Strange were probably my two favorite single player games last year.
  4. Worst Video Game of 2016

    I enjoyed a majority of the games I played last year, but my least favorite was probably Valkyria Chronicles. Read a bunch of praise for it and bought it during a flash sale, but just couldn't get into it.
  5. Hello folks

    Welcome to TAG! If you see people on the forums with an Xbox logo under their name just hover over to get their gamer tag. Mention TAG in your invite and you'll soon have a friends list filled with weirdos. Have fun!
  6. Kings Fall Raid [PS4]

    I'm fine with either normal or hard. Just a heads up I haven't done challenges before so i'll need an explanation. Actually I'm only 307 light I think so I'm not sure i can even do hard. 9/16/16 Kings Fall Raid 10et 1. Tooboo 2. Dre 3. Scotty 4. Hamzah 5. Sacs Alt. Stynger; Lil'Ubo
  7. Looks pretty sweet, I haven't played a Zelda game in years.
  8. Games Beaten Forever

    Just finished The Last of Us for the first time a couple of nights ago. Incredible game, but man I need something light-hearted now.
  9. You you are taking The Division too seriously when...

    lol, that was great!
  10. Playstation VR

    I was very tempted, but decided to wait and see how things pan out.
  11. With the game a week away...

    I usually focus on story stuff before I jump into any PvP. Will likely work on building up my base, collecting supplies, things like that.
  12. The Division - Gameplay & Impressions video

    Nice video Ubo, thanks. Getting pumped for this, looks really solid.
  13. New TAG Site

    Looking good! Thanks for all of the time and effort put in.
  14. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

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  15. [PS4] King's Fall Raid