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  1. Hugo's Destiny 2 Promotional Code Giveaway Extravaganza!

    Any news on the rarity of the Rockstar engrams?
  2. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

    PS4 for me
  3. League of Legends

  4. League of Legends

    You can add me as well, demoniklord, I prefer to play support Did someone here create the club TAG? If so, can I get an invite?
  5. Kings Fall Raid signup

    This makes me sound distinguished as F
  6. Custom Matches Confirmed!

    I don't think that anyone that doesn't get DLC will necessarily hold the group back. We will play without Light turned on, still have all modes except for Supremacy, and all maps except for the new ones (still upwards of 25+). Also think this makes Destiny more viable for the... cough cough TAG Olympics... I mean TAG Games or whatever the new name was.
  7. Custom Matches Confirmed!

    We finally have custom matches for Destiny and supremacy!
  8. Anyone coming back for Legion?

    Movie was pretty awesome, especially in IMAX 3D... I mean in first 5 minutes I was like "I'm ready to play"
  9. Anyone coming back for Legion?

    Hey guys! I'm starting to play again... because I saw Warcraft and couldn't resist. Are most of you guys Horde or Alliance? All my characters are Horde on Mal'ganis Add me? Aviatorweldon@sbcglobal.net
  10. Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

    PS4: Aviatorweldon (Aviatorweldon)
  11. Destiny, post your rank progression

    thats cheating yourself, you have triplets...disqualified! Agreed! lol Hunter -297 Warlock and Titan are about 285 - Nightfall ready lol We just starting exploring King's Fall as a TAG group. It is amazing. possibly better than VoG (if possible lol) It is IMO the best raid so far. And very unforgiving...
  12. Destiny, post your rank progression

    thats cheating yourself, you have triplets...disqualified! Cough Cough... #WarlockMasterRace ;-)
  13. Destiny, post your rank progression

    Warlock (x3) is at 304~ :) Happy Reset Day :)
  14. Destiny, post your rank progression

    nah, you are cheating yourself of the full Destiny experience! I love playing all the different classes and complaining about the Hunter jump mechanic screwing up my Warlock jumps lol I would like to have all 3 separate classes, but I don't have the time unfortunately. It just takes less time to have them all share gear, complete weekly/daily/raid with shared gear. Also makes leveling items much faster as all 3 characters are leveling same gear.
  15. Destiny, post your rank progression

    Warlock - 31.25 Warlock #2 - Shared Gear Titan - 4 Think I'm going to delete the Titan and roll a 3rd Warlock.