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  1. Miniatures Painting Thread

  2. ARK Server Donation/Balance Thread

    I wondered if that was you. One of my tribe mates found your base and was asking. All good though, none of us are hostile. I just like to tame, collect and breed. If you need any help with anything when I am on feel free to hit me up.
  3. ARK Server Donation/Balance Thread

    It has been having some issues of late. Mostly due to big mod updates and how they work with Primitive plus. While it has been a pain, the admin upped the gather, xp and taming for a few days to make up for the down time. For the most part, its a decent server. Have a crew of about 6 or 7 of us across three tribes that all know each other and a few other tribes as well. Send me a message if you pop on and will gladly help you get set up
  4. ARK Server Donation/Balance Thread

    The server name is ViForcegaming. Its got a few mods so expect some downloading. You can pre download them if you want. Structures plus, Castle and Keep, and few others I can remember. Look me up on steam at Zenlizard if you need anything else. Be glad to have some more folks. Now it is technically a PvP server, but there is very little raiding going on. But that does not mean there wont be some in the future.
  5. ARK Server Donation/Balance Thread

    Well, the server has been experiencing some issues of late. I have been chatting on and off with the admin to see what is going to happen. Let me make sure that it is still gonna be there in a few days before I set you up.
  6. ARK Server Donation/Balance Thread

    I have been active some lately, but I will admit I go in fits and starts. I will check in on the server I was playing on and still have a few friends there. It is a Primitive Plus server on The Center.
  7. Injustice 2 trailer

    I assume Chuckles that you are playing this on Xbox? If so, I look forward to destroying you soon.
  8. Miniatures Painting Thread

    Just a couple I have been working on for a Post Apocalypse game. Immortan Trump is ready to Make the Wasteland Great Again.
  9. Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    Anyone playing this? I am thinking about picking it up, and just wondered if any taggers had hopped in.
  10. Miniatures Painting Thread

    Sounds like you need a bigger table. On another note, some post apocalyptic survivors for a game I have coming up in a few weeks. Will be going up against the military style guys above.
  11. Miniatures Painting Thread

    My Skaven Blood Bowl team. Took me to decent showing in the last league I played in. Not the full team, but a few of the positionals.
  12. Miniatures Painting Thread

    Check out some of the Games Workshop boxed games. They have some that are a nice balance between board game and miniatures game. Also, you can always paint the minis from a board game. I am working on the ones from Last Night on Earth right now, and Imperial Assault.
  13. Miniatures Painting Thread

    Thanks guys. The top picture is for Blood Bowl, and the bottom is a post apocalyptic warband for a newer game we are trying. Always use acrylic paints, enamel is so hard to work with. Also, Cbaoth, try priming in black, its way easier to hide a mistake that way. I still use white sometimes, depends on the colors I will use in the final paint job. Will dig up some of the better ones I have done, these were quick batch paint jobs.
  14. American Gods

    Only one book, technically. Anansi Boys is tangentially related as one of the characters crosses over and very briefly mentions one or two events from American Gods. It is well worth the read, but I could see how it would bog down for some folks.
  15. Miniatures Painting Thread