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  1. D2 Xbox1 Raid Sign up

    I have adjusted the time. I am good for just about anything. But if enough folks can't make it til then, then that is when we will start
  2. D2 Xbox1 Raid Sign up

    Would like to start the raid around 9:30 on Friday the 13th. Please leave your name and available start time and we can get this going. 1-Zenlizard 2-BigBulletDome 3-Meager(Jagart) 4-WOMgangsta(aka Diondre) 5-IckyGunner 6-BWANutnclevr
  3. Hello!

    The Xbox is still there Duke... I am slowly gonna take over the clan by importing all my friends.
  4. A klown just entered

    I know that Klown. Glad to have you aboard man
  5. Destiny 2 Leveling System Explained

    Poor PS4 folks, 275 and still have some powerful engrams to do this week, when the damn servers come back up
  6. Destiny 2 Community Activity Planning via "Band" App

    There is supposed to be some ingame method for hooking up with people. I know it works for people looking to fill out fireteams, and should work for folks in a clan.
  7. Newbie introduction

  8. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

  9. Destiny Clan

    The search system on Bungies site is shit. If Hugo hadn't popped in I would still be looking
  10. Destiny Clan

    Ok, request sent
  11. Destiny Clan

    Well, the search seems borked on the Bungie side. Anyway we could post a link?
  12. Destiny Clan

    I will switch back over, sending request in a few. I can also help admin if needed, no job at the moment so I have lots of free time
  13. Destiny 2 Community Group & Clans

    Will do. Need to dig through my friends list and see who else might need one.
  14. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

    Come on man, everyone is doing it. Don't you wanna be one of the cool kids?