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  1. Hello

    Welcome to TAG! Since no one else has seemed to enticing it, try heading over to our Discord server, it's a bit more lively. :)
  2. Howdy from Alabama

    Welcome to TAG! We have plenty of people playing a lot of different games on the XBox. Currently there is a healthy dose of PUBG, Destiny 2, and Thursday night Halo 5 to be had.
  3. Games Beaten Forever

    Finished up Life is Strange: Before the Storm last night, awesome game. I was doubtful about the game when it was first announced, but ended up pulling the trigger when it was on sale for Black Friday. I wasn't so sure that a prequel to the first game was really warranted at first, however, the game really gives Chloe's tragic character some great depth, and the story of her relationship with Rachel Amber (and Rachel) as well. There's no mystical powers or crazy world ending paradox at play in BtS, just Chloe and Rachel's Romeo and Juliet relationship, which is totally fine and works well in this smaller (almost) self contained story. Some great writing for the main cast and a compelling narrative that's (obviously going to be) bittersweet in the end. Surprisingly one of the best games I've played this year, and I think a must play for fans of Life is Strange.
  4. Hey!

    Welcome to TAG! Feel free to add me on XB. I'm always down for some Destiny 2, and Halo. There are also a bunch of us that play Battlefield 1 on the XB too if/when you get that.
  5. Hello Everyone!

    We have a weekly Halo night (Thursdays). Feel free to join in, usually starts between 8-9pm EST.
  6. Hello all

    Welcome to TAG!
  7. Hello Everyone!

    "Open to just about anything with the right people..." Not sure if this is the forum you were loooking for, or maybe it is?! Welcome to TAG! I
  8. Destiny 2 noob question

    Welcome to TAG @Big J 4545! Head HERE for all our TAG Destiny Clan info, and the Destiny sub-forum has a wealth of knowledge too. I'm always down for some Destiny, my GT is the same as my handle here BDaddyK
  9. Hello Everyone

    Welcome To TAG @Venom8791! We have a pretty active Destiny crew here, not too sure bout Ark, as I don't play it. Hit up the Destiny sub forum for all your TAG Destiny info and be sure to check out our Discord channel Happy Turkey Day!
  10. Hi - Former AGE Gamer

    Welcome to TAG @quicksilver1663!
  11. Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer

    Looks pretty good. SP campaign this time too
  12. Call of Duty WWII

    Have they resolved the server/MP issues yet?
  13. Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer

    They did, but also cut the amount of credits earned too
  14. Been a long time

    Welcome back man!
  15. TAG Night Highlights

    Great times as always! This is why Thursday nights are my favorites!
  16. Xbox One X

    Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, holy shit is this game awesome! Easily one of the best looking, and plays really good too, enhanced games yet.
  17. Xbox One X

    Same here, it's already a good looking game, can't wait.
  18. Xbox One X Enhanced Titles

    Gears DOES look amazing on the X! Now MS get me all these enhanced patches ASAP!!!
  19. Xbox One X

    Was just gonna post that!
  20. Xbox One X

    Agreed! Super sampling is the real deal, and games running at max res (dynamic res games) with no frame drops and no more fucking shimmering and jaggies, awesome! Halo 5: almost like a new game D3: no frame drops in the most hectic action Gears 4: incredible BF1: max resolution, increased texture clarity and no frame drops - unpatched ta boot Destiny 2: rock solid frames, better tex filtering - also unpatched
  21. Hello All

    Welcome to TAG! I'm always down to play Destiny too.
  22. The only updates that I have available so far are Gears 4, TF2, H5, and Slime Rancher... Why isn't it a unified list?
  23. Looks like most of the major retailers have sold out of their initial XB1X pre-orders, are you a lucky one?
  24. Destiny 2 Xbox players.

    Nope, just have to talk to Zavala(sp?) back at the farm, prolly halfway through the game. :)
  25. Destiny 2 Xbox players.

    Do you have to play Crucible to open up the Strikes and Raid?