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  1. Overwatch Character Guide

    I haven't seen hacks on PC yet. Yet. She's still super strong and mandatory on any good comp. Double Winston is as normal on offense for escort as Symmetra with a second support is for defending them. Perhaps the meta isn't as predictable on console. But there is definitely pro play and has been since beta. There are two leagues I've seen on Twitch and most big flagships already have teams (Cloud 9, Dignitas, etc.)
  2. Overwatch Character Guide

    I don't know what platform you are on, but on PC (where all the tournament and pro play is) Winston is super strong. Double Winston on an attacking team on any escort map is pretty overpowered. I can't see that strategy being any less effective on consoles. Tracer is also very situational and isn't considered very strong. McCree and Widowmaker are both overpowered currently, but that's about it.
  3. PC players rejoice! hackers banned!

    I have submitted several reports for hacking, and every time they have responded with some form of "we need video evidence". So essentially, to ban hackers you either have to be A) permanently recording or B) killed or witness it once, turn on recording, and then hope to find them hacking again. This is essentially no change in the policy, which has been, functionally: no one gets banned ever. Furthermore, many of the new hacks cannot even be captured on video. If they aren't teleporting, shooting through walls, or using RoF hacks it isn't observable. Players now have the ability to choose whatever talents they want on their weapons and even activate double 4-set bonuses for the gear sets. Video evidence captures neither. Nor does it capture aim botting, the no-recoil hack, or incremental RoF bumps. It rarely captures players who bot to teleport to all the division tech chests, loot, and leave unless you happen to be there and see them disappear--which could also just be an instance transfer (like when someone joins the party and the instance is full), which is visually indiscernible. Until there is some form of guardian/warden detection system in place on the developer side, players will continue to abuse the fact that so much of what happens online doesn't originate from the server. There was one during beta. What the hell happened to it?
  4. Loot tables discovered, scavenging worthless

    If they're running the new hack, you can't kill them at all. They can set it to auto-teleport the second they take damage--meaning that unless you one-shot them, they just disappear. It's frustrating as hell. They can also automate it to teleport to and loot every division tech chest. So not only am I already bottle-necked by that stupid resource, it's now being harvested in greater quantities by hackers.
  5. Season 6?

    This might finally be the season I don't play--and not because of anything Blizzard has or hasn't done for this particular season, but because I'm sufficiently invested in other games (Heroes of the Storm and The Division). That, and I feel like I can't commit the hundreds of hours to D3 anymore. If I do it certainly won't be into the 1k-2k paragon ranges of the past, and I'll be a casual if I do play.
  6. Loot tables discovered, scavenging worthless

    The game is still growing. Perhaps they are planning to either raise the armor cap for PVE, or treat it differently for PVP (like resilience in WoW, if you remember that). I'm willing to play a little less now that I've done everything while they work things out. MMO games always have rocky starts. This one was rocky, and the Falcon Lost debacle has made it much worse. It will get better, though. At least you aren't on PC where every third player in the DZ is running a third party hack that makes them the equivalent of fighting a cross between Neo and Zeus.
  7. Post your setup!

    I have no idea what in the world "bag" is. Do you mean the support station? If so, that's a wasted skill for the person who has the skill power build to be running; the group only needs it for the ammo, and your skill power could be better used on other skills. Let the sentry/striker builds run aid station. If "bag" means something else, well, I've run out of patience for your non-colloquial ambiguity anyway.
  8. Post your setup!

  9. Post your setup!

    Running an electronics/skill set without an activated Coolheaded talent is silliness.
  10. Here's why i can't play MMORPG games

    I've seen this "nerfing crafting" issue in many venues and in varying degrees of angst over the last day. There are going to be more HE mats from the additional daily and weekly challenges, more drops from chests, and more drops from named mobs. This is essentially a counterbalance to the increased availability of the crafting mats in other areas. I imagine your net gain of materials will be about the same as before, but they will just be acquired via other means. I don't think this will have an overwhelming impact on materials or on what can and can't be crafted.
  11. New Member?

    I do play on PS4, but generally only upon a targeted summons. I'm not a lurker.
  12. Post your setup!

    I don't know the answer to your question, Stevie. I don't really use marksman rifles. I have definitely seen the M1A hype, though. Mine has bad rolls, so I cannot really say anything. The best I have is an M44, and I also have a decent Tenebrae but it feels strange to me. I updated all my gear to i31 and have min-maxed most of it. You can see that this negatively impacted some of the damage numbers on paper, as well as a little overall HP. However, the improvements from wearing some i30 gear to all i31 seem to vastly outweigh those losses in actual performance and gameplay. My damage numbers are actually much higher and I am, despite the low HP, more survivable than I was with 70k hp in several pieces of i30. I think the picture below is using the weapon talents bug, but my actual sheet DPS is normally now at 180,088 with this setup. So here is where I am at currently: Firearms: 2,656 (Now 3,146) Stamina: 2,180 (Now 1,974) Electronics: 982 (Now 1,103) Weapon Damage: 9,413 (Now 10,945) CHC: 43% (Now 38.5%) CHD: 92% (Now 76%) Headshot bonus damage: 142% (Now 111%) Accuracy (didn't list it before) Now 66 Stability: 45 (Unchanged) SMG Bonus: 349 (Now 429) Damage to elites: 12% (Now 8%) Health on Kill: 20% (Now 21%) Enemy Armor Damage: 18% (Now 0%) Armor: 2,931 (this is still pretty low) (Now 3,808) Scavenging: +138% (I am missing a damage stat on an item because I rerolled for scavenging instead)
  13. Post your setup!

    If you have trifecta gloves (CHC, CHD, and +SMG) it really helps with damage, too. I haven't tried the MP5 yet, but might do so once my crafting mats are a little more replenished. There's still a few DZ levels for me to grind out, too. As for this, that's only partially true. The Vector is so popular because the pattern is very easy to acquire and it's an SMG, which means it has CHC baked into it. It's hard to pass up so much free crit right now. Headshot crits in PVP are absolutely devastating, and they also have immense value in PVE. Accuracy on an SMG doesn't matter nearly as much for real damage because, as I think I mentioned in my last post, the effective range means being in mid-to-close distance is optimal anyway. I've never had a problem missing the burst to the head when I was in an appropriate range despite the fact that I'm not looking for accuracy on weapon mods. On the assault rifle I carry as a secondary for expressly that purpose (being able to hit things from further away) accuracy is much more important.
  14. Post your setup!

    DPS is the biggest lie in this game. I can have 200k DPS on my sheet and do less than a properly geared person with ~140k-150k. Two things, among many, that can make sheet DPS a big lie: Accuracy: This stat is an immense buff to sheet DPS but for popular weapons like the Vector, it has virtually no effect on actual DPS. (The Vector's effective range basically means you are close enough to burst your whole clip into someone's head anyway.) So people can inflate DPS with weapon mods that have accuracy even though they can't shoot through a paper doll. Weapon Talents: Sheet DPS for your primary, for some hilarious reason, factors in weapon talents from your other weapons. Have Brutal (headshot damage is increased by 24%) on your secondary weapon? Guess what? It ramps up your primary's sheet DPS, even though your primary isn't doing more damage. (It can't benefit from the second Brutal.) My normal build that I run with now shows me at around 197k dps and 74k health. That's because my secondary AK has some talents that falsely buff my primary DPS numbers. Right now, in addition to those stats, I have the following numbers that are actually relevant and important in determining how much damage my character really does: Firearms: 2,656 Stamina: 2,180 Electronics: 982 Weapon Damage: 9,413 CHC: 43% CHD: 92% Headshot bonus damage: 142% Stability: 45 SMG Bonus: 349 Damage to elites: 12% Health on Kill: 20% Enemy Armor Damage: 18% Armor: 2,931 (this is still pretty low) Scavenging: +138% (I am missing a damage stat on an item because I rerolled for scavenging instead) If you want to know how someone is truly geared, those are the true numbers to start looking at. Firearms actually matters quite a bit, so you're probably shredding things (assuming your other numbers are decent) at 3,500+ into that stat. 200k DPS, on the other hand, means nothing if you're rapidly shooting a bunch of really accurate, really weak bullets. ;)
  15. Post your setup!

    Pew pew pew.