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  1. Overwatch Character Guide

    I haven't seen hacks on PC yet. Yet. She's still super strong and mandatory on any good comp. Double Winston is as normal on offense for escort as Symmetra with a second support is for defending them. Perhaps the meta isn't as predictable on console. But there is definitely pro play and has been since beta. There are two leagues I've seen on Twitch and most big flagships already have teams (Cloud 9, Dignitas, etc.)
  2. Overwatch Character Guide

    I don't know what platform you are on, but on PC (where all the tournament and pro play is) Winston is super strong. Double Winston on an attacking team on any escort map is pretty overpowered. I can't see that strategy being any less effective on consoles. Tracer is also very situational and isn't considered very strong. McCree and Widowmaker are both overpowered currently, but that's about it.
  3. Season 6?

    This might finally be the season I don't play--and not because of anything Blizzard has or hasn't done for this particular season, but because I'm sufficiently invested in other games (Heroes of the Storm and The Division). That, and I feel like I can't commit the hundreds of hours to D3 anymore. If I do it certainly won't be into the 1k-2k paragon ranges of the past, and I'll be a casual if I do play.
  4. New Member?

    I do play on PS4, but generally only upon a targeted summons. I'm not a lurker.
  5. Ranked Matchmaking Patch--sounds good!

    Most of my ranked matches I've had some very talented people on my team who were way out of my league. I have yet to lose a ranked match. You read that correctly: I am undefeated. However, my kill-death ratio is a hilarious low 0.9--which is way out of character with my win-loss record. This (well, this and good luck) explains why several players I've seen seem inordinately talented compared to my rank.
  6. S5, 4 Player, DPS, Support, Roster.

    This answer is likely less insightful and satisfactory than what you wanted, but the simple truth is that at this point in the season whatever class you already have best-geared will be the easiest. If none of your classes are very well situated yet then I would recommend starting with Crusader for solo purposes.
  7. S5, 4 Player, DPS, Support, Roster.

    The important thing is that you know where I will be tonight! I'd love to get a group together.
  8. S5, 4 Player, DPS, Support, Roster.

    Soloed 80 this morning. Anyone going to be playing tonight?
  9. Wand of Whoa

    Wand of Whoa? Maybe RNGesus is really just Joey from Blossom...
  10. S5, 4 Player, DPS, Support, Roster.

    It wasn't a set date as much as it was an effort to utilize Pinchednerve's catalog of the meta availabilities. We did have a few runs, but none of them were meta-oriented.
  11. S5, 4 Player, DPS, Support, Roster.

    No worries, Yelgis. Ubo didn't show up so I had to Monk. It was frightening for everyone involved, I'm sure.
  12. S5, 4 Player, DPS, Support, Roster.

    So. I've been running stuff on and off with some other TAG people the last few nights and the groups have been fun. What we haven't done yet is a meta group, which was seemingly the point of this post. Mostly we seem to be missing Barbarians. I'll be around tonight after dinner (~7-7:30pm CST) and can run any of the three non-Barb roles. I'd love to run some 4s with you guys instead of just doing speeds all night. Anyone else down?
  13. S5, 4 Player, DPS, Support, Roster.

    Congratulations. Seventy is pretty awesome. Also congratulations to Ubo on the 55: that's 55 higher than last season!
  14. Behold the Power of Yelgis

  15. Behold the Power of Yelgis

    So. @Yelgis whispers me, "Slumming it in [grift level]?" Three seconds later my game crashes. Then my video card freezes. The the fuse for the two bedrooms goes. Most. Powerful. DDOS. Ever. I admit, I'm a little scared right now.