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  1. PUBG

    Then it doesn't literally take 15 seconds, unless you are referring to a 15 second timespan in which you opened a door and picked up some items. http://xboxclips.com/HYBR1D+HAV0C/d99b1fa1-99c3-4b9d-be67-052f87e1f3cb Here is a clip in which I open doors and pick up items, among other things. I use both the "look at item and hit X" technique and the "inventory pickup vicinity" technique. Also worth mentioning that this clip was taken prior to the most recent update, which has further reduced the rubberbanding effect seen at the start of the game in this clip.
  2. PUBG

    It doesn't take 15 seconds. The only way I can feasibly see it taking 15 seconds is if you are disconnecting your controller after every interaction. So I asked if that is what you are doing.
  3. PUBG

    Are you turning off your controller after every interaction?
  4. PUBG

    After this last update, the game is much improved. The addition of aim acceleration option, the new controller preset option, getting the pistol off of the Y-button rotation, and the general improvements in rubberbanding and game crashes. 5 updates in already.
  5. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! It appears that we are already friends on XBL. While I don't get into any sports games, I do take part in our weekly Halo night. Also been playing a lot of PUBG lately. If you ever see me on in a party or alone, feel free to join or send me a party invite.
  6. Hello

    Welcome! Definitely check out the discord. All the cool kids are doing it.
  7. PUBG

    http://xboxclips.com/HYBR1D+HAV0C/15707e7e-96c6-4260-b052-b5155a4cb748 http://xboxclips.com/HYBR1D+HAV0C/f3c5bfc2-b217-4232-8f47-15ad3672a0ff
  8. PUBG

    Some good points here. I think that more thought could have been put into the port to consoles. The conversion of the UI from PC to console does feel lazy in many places. I can see why they might have chosen to do HOLD X for reload, since you also use X to interact with items, but they could have had a single press of X do reloads when you aren't looking at an item. That may have actually lead to more confusion though. The inventory system in general is kind of cumbersome. I feel like if you pick up a weapon mod and have a weapon it could apply to with an open slot for that mod, it should auto-equip the mod. Much in the same way it does for clothing and other gear. One thing I've started doing is, rather than just looking at items and hitting X to put them into my inventory, I get near the item(s) and pull up my inventory immediately and do everything from there. Allows me to go directly from floor to attached for mods. Also removes some of the hassle of getting the reticule directly over the specific item. I personally disagree with the game map. At least half of the tension for this game, for me, is not knowing when I'm going to come across another player. A smaller map would make this more likely and remove a lot of that tension for me. And if I decide that I want to just go straight into action for a round, I can drop in a location that I know a lot of people will be at. A kill cam would be a nice to have, but not a must-have. And outside of spectating your teammates, I'm not sure why I would want to continue watching once I died. This game absolutely is not for everyone. I do think that, given that it's in Game Preview, they should have offered some kind of demo. I actually think that should be the case for all Game Preview games, since they're all works in progress.
  9. PUBG

    I have you friended on xbox live. Tried shooting you an invite the other day. If you see us partied up and playing, feel free to join the party.
  10. PUBG

    I don't think the game plays any slower or faster than fortnite honestly. The game is certainly buggier, but that will just take time. To me this game has a much greater emotional impact than fortnite ever did, and that translates into a more exhilerating gameplay. That's of course going to be different for everybody.
  11. Official TAG Reddit

    With the key difference that the subreddit costs us nothing. I would actually be fine with getting rid of the forums, the subreddit, the facebook grups and page, everything with the exception of the Discord and a simple page to point the domain at, educate visitors on who we are, and link to the Discord. But no one person gets to pick the direction.
  12. Howdy from Alabama

    Yeah, feel free to join the Discord or to shoot me a friend request. Lots of Xbox gamers here, playing a variety of things.
  13. Hey!

    Welcome! I'll be shooting you a friend request on Xbox. Several of us have picked up PUBG there recently, and we have a few Destiny players kicking around as well. We also do Halo 5: Guardians every Thursday night. Just a heads up, much of our talking these days happens over on our Discord. Feel free to join.
  14. PUBG

    Pretty sure you're on my friends list on Xbox. Are you playing on Xbox or on PC? I'm not experienced myself, also having only gotten in around 5 games so far. It's definitely more fun with friends though. If you see me on, feel free to shoot me a party invite or hop into a party if I'm in one already.
  15. Hello all

    Welcome! I think I saw that you already joined the Discord. I'm not a PC gamer myself, but hopefully you'll get in with our PC crowd and get some gaming in.