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  1. Hello all

    Welcome! I think I saw that you already joined the Discord. I'm not a PC gamer myself, but hopefully you'll get in with our PC crowd and get some gaming in.
  2. Any good TV recommendations?

    Awesome, glad I could be of some help.
  3. Destiny Clan

  4. Long Hiatus. Back.

    Friend invite sent. Welcome back. We play some Halo 5 every Thursday night, feel free to join us!
  5. Does anyone play Fortnite?

    NobleMatt and I have been playing the battle royale mode. It's been rather frustrating for me, because I suck at it so bad and I only get to actually fight for about 30 seconds each match. Been thinking about picking up the full game just to get used to the gun mechanics and working on my aim.
  6. Back after a year+ away

    Welcome back man. Hope you're liking Berlin. Given the time differences I doubt we'll be playing much together (plus I never picked up Destiny 2) but if I'm ever online at the same time playing something you have, I'd be down to play together.
  7. Been a long time

    Friend request sent, though I don't play CoD. Welcome back to TAG!
  8. Xbox One X

    I still need to fire up The Division on this bad boy. Looking forward to its X1XE patch.
  9. Hello my name is donovan

    Welcome to the forums @Donovan! Make sure to check out the Discord if you get a chance. Send out some friend requests and we'll be glad to get you into some games. I don't personally play Destiny, but we do a Halo 5 night every Thursday on Xbox, and several of us have been sinking our teeth into The Division recently. If you're on the Playstation side of things, we have plenty of guys playing Destiny over there.
  10. Hi there

    Welcome to TAG @chasetime. I've seen you on the Discord already of course. If you share your Xbox Live / PSN gamertag then somebody should be able to get you into some Destiny 2 play with us. What other games are you playing?
  11. TAG Minecraft Realm Now Active

    There's a good chance that I'll pick this up on Xbox after the Xbox One X release. Don't really game on the PC these days, and am trying not to spend anymore money on games until after the Xbox One X is in my hands.
  12. Gearbox Project 1v1 codes

    In case anybody else had the same question as me:
  13. Xbox One X Enhanced Titles

    Yeah, kind of a break down of what they've already said before. Some will get 4K, some will get HDR, some will get some other enhancement (better textures, higher framerate, etc.). It is still ultimately up to the developers to decide what they want to do with the extra power.
  14. Skorched00

    Welcome! Don't know if I've had the pleasure to play with you or not, but sending a friend request now. Make sure to check out the Discord as well. What are you playing these days?
  15. Introductions are for new members.

    Welcome to the forums! I'm not personally on PS4, but we have plenty of people on the system playing Destiny so hopefully they'll chime in here and get you into some groups. Check out our Discord, and make yourself at home here on the forums.
  16. Who's Twitching?

    I have basically switched away from Twitch to Mixer at this point. Having it baked into the Xbox One makes it much easier for me to use. In case anyone doesn't know, you can see our Mixer Team here. (mixer.com/team/theadultgamer)
  17. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    A t-shirt could be cool. I'm not sure that I would personally have much use for stickers, but any advertisement of TAG would be good.
  18. Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the forums! As was mentioned, we do have a Halo 5 night every Thursday night, generally kicking off around 8 or 8:30pm EST. We also have a lot of people getting back into The Division at the moment. I'm personally looking forward to PUBG on Xbox One. If you see me on, feel free to hop into the party or any game any time. Just maybe remind me who you are, as I'm not always great at remembering gamertags.
  19. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    I'm trying to one-up @DukeDesu by just making it straight to Elder.
  20. Any good TV recommendations?

    @Toni you can check out the Sony X900E (see a review here), 65" is currently $1,998 on Amazon. It's an LED with reportedly deep blacks, and good brightness and input lag around 34ms in gaming mode, even at 4k HDR 60Hz (while in gaming mode) Uses Android TV for smart features Not great sound quality Picture quality reportedly deteriorates at angles, for what that's worth Alternatively, check out the Sony X850E (see a review here). 65" is currently $1,598 on Amazon. Much the same as the above, only the picture doesn't get quite as bright
  21. How did you find TAG?

    Friend added, but I don't do the DZ generally.
  22. Any good TV recommendations?

    Is this TV used for gaming? Is it used as a PC monitor? Or purely for media consumption? If just media consumption, which if more important to you: television shows, movies, or sports?
  23. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    Yeah it's pretty frustrating to work with.
  24. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    Thanks. It could certainly be better, but I think it at least looks better than the two controller one we had previously. May need to install the Adobe suite on my computer at work to work on it some more. Only so much I can do with Gimp.