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  1. TAG Night Highlights

    That sounds about right
  2. Path of EXILE on Xbox ONE

    That's a bummer to hear. I'll try it but it doesn't sound like it'll pull me away from D3 for long if multiplayer sucks so much ass.
  3. Path of EXILE on Xbox ONE

    I know @Hoptimus has tried it. KKD will be picking it up when it comes out. I'm thinking most of the xbox d3 group will be at least trying it.
  4. Path of EXILE on Xbox ONE

    That's good to know. Thanks
  5. (Xbox One) Fiesta Game Night - Every Monday

    I thought Wednesday's were unofficial D3 night, but maybe that's just for a select (and elite) few. I know @Hoptimus and I have the same issue, D&D every other Monday. Though lately it seems to be at most every other Monday and instead every 3rd or 4th...
  6. Path of EXILE on Xbox ONE

    The microtransaction aspect of this game scares me. I generally spend way too much that way.
  7. Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock

    That looks pretty cool. Will definitely point my friend at it. Looks right up his alley.
  8. The Black Panther

    Wait...I don't remember hobbits being in Wakanda.
  9. Help me decide

    that's what I ended up with too :) is your optical drive obnoxiously loud?
  10. Hello all! It is I, Destraire.(New)

    Welcome! Currently enjoying Gems of War more than I should!
  11. Marvel Heroes Omega

    Anyone given this a spin? Played a couple of levels, didn't seem too bad. Saw quite a few people running around. Multiplayer could be fun if the mob counts/difficulty scale. Not sure how reasonable the "play more to get crystals to unlock characters" is. Seem to be a very low drop rate. The pay-to-unlock seems super overpriced. I think Warmachine was $16! Came with some other stuff, but still. So I'd say choose your "free" unlock carefully. I wonder if the people who played in on PC could chime in about some of this.
  12. New here

    I thought it was a requirement to join TAG
  13. Marvel Heroes Omega

    She likes the comics, just not as much as her sister does. She also has no interest in reading Harry Potter. I'm starting to think the hospital may have swapped babies at some point.
  14. Marvel Heroes Omega

    Tried to get my daughter to do this. She wasn't interested. I fail as a parent.
  15. New here

  16. Marvel Heroes Omega

    The awesome thing here is you can play any hero to level 10 for free. Start with your faves and see how you like them.
  17. Well? Alright, some one tell this idiot how to embed this...
  18. Ready Player One Tralier

    That's good to hear. I know you were initially skeptical. I can't even imagine the budget this film had for licensing...
  19. Ready Player One Tralier

    why did it work that time? god damn intertubes fucking with me
  20. Thor: Ragnarok trailer

    Definite Guardians vibe to this. Totally ready for more Hulk!
  21. Justice League official trailer

    1. Gal will most likely be the ONLY good thing about this. 2. Maybe Jason. I really hope he doesn't get fucked over, he's a badass. 3. Not figuring out a way to have Grant as the Flash is a HORRIBLE decision. Free ticket sales there. 4. I love J.K. Simmons, but not feeling him as Gordon. 5. This just screams "meh".
  22. Marvel's The Defenders (Netflix)

    That looks awesome! A Marvel v Aliens crossover?? Go Ripley!
  23. Marvel Heroes Omega

    It's in my rotation. Pretty enjoyable.