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  1. Wrath of The Machine Raid [PS4]

    @LilUbo thanks have you finished the raid yet? Yeah i would like to complete as much as I can saturday
  2. Wrath of The Machine Raid [PS4]

    Looking to step foot into the new raid for the first time and getting back into the swing of doing raids again. We are looking to do a raid Saturday Oct 1st at 8:45-9 PM. Currently we have three guardians that are willing to jump into the flames. If you are interested in doing this please go ahead and sign up and we will all meet up just before the raid in chat and figure things out. 1. CHULLEN 2. Majin_Nazereth21 3. jar-of-spires 4. donniepereira (maybe?) 5. 6. Alt.
  3. Introduction

    He is a friend of mine
  4. Introduction

    Welcome to TAG
  5. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

    Thanks to everyone who help me for the golgoroth challenge mode. Made out like a bandit as Ubo says. I got 320 hallowed war numen's chest, 314 hallowed war numen's boots, 310 war numen's fists, 302 war numen's boots and both 310 and 320 artifacts. Considering this was my first golgoroth run super pumped. Up to 314 now and ready for trials!
  6. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

    Ok would love to give it a try tomorrow my titan is 308 so should be ok might have to try for the spindle tonight
  7. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

    If anyone wants to help me do a normal raid up to Golgoroth on Monday that would be cool! It will be my first raid in a long time so gonna need some help but as you all know I am competent... Well sort of lol.
  8. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

    Congrats guys how long did it take after I left last night?
  9. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

    Kings Fall Raid Monday Oct. 5th 8:00pm 1.chullen with sunbreaker or defender titan 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. alt. Please bring your best gear and light level to the fight. I have never ran this raid yet but definitely want to see what this is all about.
  10. Official Game Clip Thread (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

    Some recent destiny gameplay during the 4th of July Iron Banner
  11. Destiny, post your rank progression

    I have a 34 titan, 33 titan and 33 hunter. I need more etheric light also.
  12. PvP Highlights

    thats great
  13. Destiny Clan

    Just applied to PS4 clan