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  1. Way to Geaux Coach O!! Great job motivating the team today. A win is a win, we’ll take it!… https://t.co/E6lukDIxHJ

  2. The glamorous life of a athletic booster!! I’m getting completely soaked in the pissing down… https://t.co/Xddpdg4djI

  3. This week only complimentary TPI screenings at Black Bear Golf Club in Eustis. Message me for an… https://t.co/FSp9PUMJCP

  4. My wonderful wife in her new comfy chair!! All she’s missing is her… https://t.co/vusKOHMVo7

  5. So my frustration level on my Sunday off is at a 10.5

  6. @rydercarroll in full effect. Taking an analog approach in my digital world. surface apple iPad… https://t.co/L7oTimv4nj

  7. Anybody get a first wave XB1X pre-order?

    I also got a Scorpio Edition through Gamestop. Cant wait for release day ....
  8. Seems about right for me. It’s either I can get my credits or this period I have way more than I… https://t.co/83eOh5ir4g

  9. D2 raid Monday, 9/18 @ 630pm cst

    what platform ??
  10. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

    No they are not supporting HDR on the S or on the X, no xbox love
  11. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

    Seems like last night on release night I was having some huge issues with frame rate and freezing. It took a while to get into the game as it was full?? Seems strange but maybe they were just safe guarding against it totally crashing. This morning it was much better but still has a few times that it froze and then started back up again. I bought it on both Xbox and PS4 although I've only started playing on xbox. I'll wait until I complete campaign on one before jumping over to the PS. I have a ton of friends on Xbox and the exclusive missions and HDR on the PS Pro made it tough to decide, Looking forward to playing with all you guardians, for the puppies of course.
  12. Looks like #fletcherfancypants is not going to make it to the start of the game! Let’s Geaux… https://t.co/oXtS5jkUBd

  13. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

    I also preordered one of them. Although Destiny 2 is not one of the games that is going to see a boost in performance on the Xbox One X .. ;( boo !!
  14. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

  15. Destiny 2 on Xbox or PS4 ??

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I wanted to apologize for my absence over the last year or so. Life gets in the way, it's happened to all of us I'm sure. Starting my own business, getting many new certifications, playing golf and family obligations including a 3 week trip to Scotland have all pulled me away from playing. I'm having a hard time getting back into it and have all but given up on all the games I already own. I've played over 1200 hours of Destiny and so obviously Destiny 2 looks like a great way to get back into gaming. I own both PS and Xbox and wondered which has been the most popular console for most players to use ? I've always defaulted to Xbox but love the fact there are some PS exclusives. Any way looking forward to getting back to it. Thanks