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  1. S11 Classses

    So S11 starts in a couple hours. What classes will everyone start with? I assume a vast majority will be Necro. Which makes me not want to play it haha. And will they fit into the 4-player meta? I will probably end up starting with Necro, but some of the other classes have their best sets for free this season. Running out of time to decide...
  2. LTK Monk Speed build

    Yah, I wish I had started with DH. I guess I will do that next season. Or maybe go Barb since Ive never mained a Barb before.
  3. LTK Monk Speed build

    I finally got the build figured out, and now Im blasting through these Grifts. I absolutely loathe playing a melee class, but this is one amazing build. I am only limited by number of Elites/Pylons (In-geoms 10 second duration), and my toughness (Basically, I just have to make sure I dont get one shot. Everything dies before it can get a second attack off.) As you can see in the pic, I am on the FOURTH floor, in a rift that was entirely a maze. And still beat it in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
  4. Black Spindle Day!

    Title says it all. Already ran it with my first guy with randoms from LFG and we did it first try, thanks mostly to the OP Titan Super hammers clearing everything. Got the 290 (Sad face) Spindle, and the best looking ship. Its black with yellow lighting going down the side. Im gonna head to bed now, but Ill be back on later if anyone needs help.
  5. [PS4] King's Fall Raid

    Quick question. If I were to go back to KF with a group with my hunter, would I still be able to help kill bosses all the way up to the sisters and just not receive rewards until that point on? Or would the bosses up to the sisters despawn? Or not let me join? Just curious how the raid mechanics work for this game.
  6. Court of Oryx

    Theres not a soul in the court so I cant even farm Eris rep. Im down for a normal KF run. Im at 298/299, with 19 moldering shards and the road to KF quest. So I should get a nice boost from the next run I do. Also finally got my alt Warlock up to 40 and hes at 287 right now.
  7. Court of Oryx

    Whats your name on PSN?
  8. Court of Oryx

    Hey guys. Im going to be doing Court of Oryx because A) Need fragment from Tier 3 boss, and B) Need to complete bounty for completing tier 3 under 2 minutes for fragment. Then I just need 1 more fragment from a Stolen rune and I can get my Touch of Malice. I figured since its reset day, there would be lots of people here helping each other but theres not a soul in sight. So if anyone wants to do it as well, feel free to join me! Kewlf00l on PS4. Also, has anyone ever received a Stolen rune, or a fragment from someone ELSE doing a Stolen Rune? Because I have none and I have assisted with probably 150 events total and have never gotten one. Im trying to get my Touch of Malice tonight. Then my exotic sword tomorrow. And I finally got not forged in light (Needed FWC rep). So much to do, so little time. See y'all on.
  9. Destiny Clan

    Hey all, Im back. I couldnt get this page to load properly on the government computers so I couldnt post. But apparently I had sent a request to a TAG Group, not the clan ha. Anyways, I sent the proper request. Ill be back on for awhile now, no planned operations anytime soon. Im up to 292, but I still havent done the raid. Theres a couple people at my command that also play and do the raid, so I can figure it out with them so Im not holding y'all back, and then join you once Im better. Ill see you guys on.
  10. Destiny Clan

    Hey all! I normally play D3 but I picked up Destiny and have been hammering away at that, playing with some friends when they happen to be on. Currently at 288 (Hunter). I just requested to join the clan on Bungie.net, so you know who I am when you see it. Im in the military so I dont get much time to play, but Ill be done and back home for awhile starting next week. I may be on a bit still tomorrow, but after that I wont be back until Saturday. Hopefully I can get over 290 and join you guys for the raid! Thanks again!