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  1. TAG Night Highlights

    I got some brand new non super-sampled highlights for y'all. Enjoy~
  2. TAG Night Highlights

    Also I forgot to post this one @That Guy Link
  3. TAG Night Highlights

    At long last it has arrived @SithWarrior
  4. TAG Night Highlights

    Last night's Halo night shenanigans with an extra special exert
  5. TAG Night Highlights

    Here are some games I highlighted out of our games on Thursday night. These aren't really on the same level as the Cat or G-Points videos but its some consistency from night to night.
  6. TAG Night Highlights

    Here's a quickie from last night's Diablo
  7. TAG Night Highlights

    Most recent Halo night brought us some fun btb games, @BDaddyK gave us the will to win this week. Here's the most recent highlight, I encourage you all to take a peek at the poetic description if you get the chance. Enjoy~
  8. Minecraft - Better Together

    I think I'll join. For some reason I've been feeling like playing minecraft lately but I know I'll never play unless I'm with friends
  9. Titanfall 2 Night - Tuesdays

    Weird, for some reason I thought TF night was Wednesdays. I'll be there but I'll be late since I have work until 11:00 CST
  10. I am so stoked for The Defenders, if Episode VIII wasn't coming it this year it would be my #1 hyped thing yet to release. I have loved all 4 of these series and I usually like the culminating multi-hero movies more than the individual focused ones. (You might think I'm little weird for this, hah) My body is ready.
  11. Japan

    初めまして!10か月前に日本の学院で勉強して. (Sorry, I feel like my grammer sucks now lol) I'm almost exclusively on Xbox but maybe I'll see you around, welcome to TAG sir! Add me on Steam @anthempt3 or on Blizzard @anthempt3#1752
  12. TAG Night Highlights

    Hey guys! As some of you know I stream just about every time I'm playing on Xbox, mostly because I want to record all the goofs, blunders and fun that we have together. If a moment that I think was particularly funny, or memorable I'll usually go into my stream VODs a few days later clip it and upload it to YouTube. I'll post my TAG memories that have been immortalized in video format in this thread. I invite anybody who has anything similar to bless this thread with your glory and allow us to share your memories. Here is my first highlight that I recorded from last week's Halo Night: and here is my most recent highlight from Monday's Fiesta TTR night: Love ya
  13. Monday Night Fiesta July 10th' game poll

    I own Dying Light and Shadow Warrior 2, but I think zombie army trilogy is probably a better pick. I'm going to withhold my vote for now
  14. Games Beaten Forever

    Of anybody is looking to pick up Shadow Warrior 2 I'd also be down to run some missions with you. That game is fun as fuck!