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  1. Thoughts on the beta?

    Like Wyvern mentioned in original post, I believe Titanfall does movement better as well. If they gave me titanfall without the mechs and added some CoD perks, streaks, etc - I think I would have been happy. I am abysmal at this game so far, but keep going back for a beating for some reason. I preordered through best buy and Im a GCU member, so the game only costs me a net of $38 (-12 for GCU and -10 for reward zone gift card for certain preorders), which isnt bad for a new release. I may stick with hit to check out the new zombie mode and dabble online with friends for that price.
  2. Divinity: Original Sin 2

    I donated for first one and kickstarted for this as well. Really happy to see that it fully funded so quickly. I like to manage the whole party in my turn based games, so the multiplayer news (although very cool) doesn't do much for me. But the rest of the things they're inspiring to do has me drooling. Can't wait. These guys deserve the support. How many companies release the "enhanced edition" for free to those that bought the base version. Looking forward to another run through the original divinity once the enhanced edition hits.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

    Already preordered for PC Origin name: Beanfuzz
  4. RockBand 4

    Yeah, I would have gone to the PS4 for this if I didnt own so much DLC on the xbox already. I have concerns as well. Im more of a guitar player personally, but like to drum it out at times. Shame microsoft needs to be so proprietary with their connection technology. My simple brain believes "my ion kit has a usb cord, my xbox one has a usb input, it should work!" Still holding out hope for a community fix. I know the masses have petitioned both mad catz and ion, but seriously, what percentage of players are we talking about? So minimal I imagine that it would hardly justify the R&D and production costs of making something official happen. Sigh, but I am a lemming with the music genre. They will release games, I will buy them. Vicious cycle.
  5. CoD BO3 PC Beta

    I have a spare key to the beta if anyone would like it. I messed around with it a bit last night and had some fun. Im average at best, but having enough fun that I'll keep my PC preorder. Really like some of the new movement mechanics. Shoot me a PM if you need the key
  6. RockBand 4

    The ION drum kit from PS3 works with PS4 The ION drum kit from XB360 does not (currently) work with XB1 The XB1 version of RB4 will require a dongle to make all previous wireless guitars to work with XB1. So all your old RB equipment from the 360 can connect to this dongle receiver (dongle plus in USB to XB1 and picks up the old 360 wireless signals). However, all wired equipment (such as the ION drum set) will not currently fucntion on the XB1 (with our without the dongle). There is a pretty big thread over on the rockband forums where people are complaining. Hoping that either ION, Mad Catz or the community itself can find a work around for this quickly. Thread is here
  7. RockBand 4

    I play my PS4 these days more than the XB1, but wound up ordering Rock Band for the XB1 simply because of the DLC and other game discs I had. I bought all RB1,2,3 Took advantage of Gamestop keeping boxes on their shelves for the game addons. I was shady in my younger days! Every time I saw a new RB addon (green day, acdc, lego, etc) I would open the box and take a snapshot with my phone of the import code. I'd go home and plug the code in and than pay the single time like $10 up-charge to fully import all the songs into my RB library. My only sadness right now is that currently there is no compatibility for the ION drum rocker I bought for the 360. I have hopes that the community for rockband, filled with much wiser people than me, will figure out a workaround to make it usable on the XB1.
  8. Gamers nearby thread

    New Jersey When I type that out, it feels dirty. Or like Im at a grief counseling meeting. My name is Beanfuzz and I.... I live in New Jersey. The crowd in unison "We're sorry Beanfuzz"
  9. Newcomer

    Thanks all for the warm welcome. Nothing too mysterious by the name. I usually go by Bean most places but that user name is usally taken. I added fuzz because some friends used to call my fuzzy when my shaved head would grow to the point where I needed to shave again. I just added the two and not surprisingly, never have issues with the name being taken! Pretty boring story, but there it is. Man, I should of just said it was a reference to nut hair and been done with it! Would have been more interesting.
  10. Rocket League

    If anyone is still playing this often, would like to get in on some games. Please add me my PS name (Bumpie) to friends list
  11. Newcomer

    I've been playing on both PC and Xbox, depending where my friends are at the time. I prefer PC, but am flexible. Both my xbox one gamertag and PC Hi-rez gaming username are "Beanfuzz" Always looking for more pople, feel free to friend me.
  12. Newcomer

    Hey folks, found a link to this thread over on Reddit. PC gamer predominantly (MMOs and Shooters for the most part) but I enjoy my consoles for some exclusive games or games that just play better when relaxed on the couch (Destiny, Sports Games and typically 3rd person action games). I work in Finance and I use my gaming time to unwind. Always looking for others in my age proximity (40) to play with. I am on EST time and on my gaming nights usually try and stop between 12 and 1am, so that I can be functional at work the next day! Right now I am playing a little bit of WoW (trying to wrap up heroic raid), looking forward to Wildstar going F2P, playing Rocket League on PS4 and have Madden coming on the PS4 as well. This fall is going to kill my wallet as I'm super excited for most of the shooters coming out (PC for me) with battlefront, RS: Siege and Call of Duty as well as some of the action games (Tomb Raider especially). Some of my friends are trying to get me into MOBA's, never really dabbled before, so I've been slowly (VERY slowly) making my into Heroes of the Storm and Smite. I'm enjoying Smite as the MMOish controls feel more at home to me, but I'm still pretty bad at it!! Looking forward to gaming with some people here soon! Please feel free to friend me up, especially if you can make me a better MOBA player :)