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  1. WOW - Halo MP is....really good!

    Welcome back spartan.
  2. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    Why don't we just pick team leaders and they text using their phones
  3. The Division Beta release date

    I will be playing this tonight psn: unstealthyogre.
  4. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    I should be on..I will be on the big tv though, so I will he sucking.
  5. Turkey day req pack

    Special promotional req pack today.
  6. Join me with a headset and mic!

    Still playing?
  7. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    Just the wife and kid for thanks giving so I will be on around 8 pst
  8. Thursday game night

    If you see me on send me an invite. I will show you some game type tips.
  9. Thursday Night Halo Master Chief Collection 9pm EST

    Will people be on this thursady?
  10. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    I'm curious. ..why don't you want it?Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk Armor isn't important to me. Also chances are I will get it at some point. I feel if some really wants it why not let them have mine.
  11. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    I have one I'm not gonna use it. So if anyone doesn't get one just ask.
  12. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    I was told my spartan was sexy today by a rando...soo that means I'm not allowed to change it.
  13. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    Should be fun assuming the new dashboard doesn't hose everything up.What have they done?!?!?!
  14. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    Sorry I have missed the last 2 weeks. I will be on with the power of vodka tonic.
  15. TAG Halo 5 Spartan Company

    No custom on warzone maps. I will be missing again this Historically they are just assists, but a quick search doesn't help me decide either way for Halo 5. Assists make the most sense to me. Splatters are a way to kill as a driver.It seems assists count for 1/3 of a kill on your k/d avg.