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  1. Overwatch PC

    Okay I'm mid level plat but I've been considering throwing down to low gold since diamond isn't possible solo queing lol
  2. Overwatch PC

    I will as soon as I'm on what's your rank?
  3. Overwatch PC

    @TNT I'm on nightly usually but I'm currently in the process of moving and I'm couch surfing on the weekends but starting June 1st I'll be on nightly again
  4. Last Week for Nexus 2.0 D.Va Unlocks

    Just my last 5 5 matches of misery
  5. You guys still active in OW

    I'm pretty active on pc when I don't have my daughter
  6. Nominate Games for the 2017 TAG Games

    Xb1-Overwatch, halo 5, titanfall 2 pc- csgo :)
  7. So long, and thanks for all the frags

    I read that as 'in the morrow' like you were telling a tale lol
  8. So long, and thanks for all the frags

    A little late to the party, thought you were on a hiatus but I'll miss you buddy. Lemme know if you ever need anything
  9. Symmetra Changes

    Idk I feel like symetras beam is fine and is really useful at capitalizing on someones mistake of over extending, I'm looking at you genji. If they change anything it should be her alt fire because that thing charges her ult so damn fast
  10. XBO December 2016 - Titanfall 2 (3v3)

    Its up in the air if i can make it.
  11. Season 3 Sign Up

    1600 Penn Ave, DC chuckles. have at em
  12. The 2016 TAGGIES - Round 1

    Because fuck nms
  13. Season 3 Sign Up

    Yeah I'll be there when I have time
  14. XBO December 2016 - Titanfall 2 (3v3)

    I'm in
  15. November 2016 Tournament - Halo 5 Pairs

    Is this going to be regular slayer or super fiesta