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  1. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    We're having so much fun in customs right now.
  2. Anybody need a Doctor?

    but not a sexy lady one... i mean you do look cute and all but you are missing some critical components Whhaaa? O.o
  3. Anybody need a Doctor?

    I finally managed to upload a profile picture! The mobile site wouldn't let me do anything POS lol thanks for the welcome
  4. Anybody need a Doctor?

    Yes. :P
  5. Join me with a headset and mic!

    Heavy breathing
  6. Join me with a headset and mic!

    I'm playing halo 5 right now, gt is DoctorSexyLady hope to make new friends!!
  7. Anybody need a Doctor?

    lol so yeah I'm gt DoctorSexyLady and I mostly play Halo. I'm an open book, just a fellow grown up wanting to game with others. Thanks for letting me join!! Add me anytime!