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  1. Hello Everyone

    I think you left out long walks on the beach. Welcome
  2. Hello my name is donovan

  3. Anybody get a first wave XB1X pre-order?

    That's real cool. So how do you actually get it, and when will you get it?
  4. Happy Birthday Ubo!

    So i start my day by stepping in dog piss, then after my first cup of coffee my stomach decided to reject some of its contents. Now i find out i may have something in common with the Ubo, which causes me no end of distress. I'm afraid to go outside, this day just keeps going downhill. Happy bday Ubo
  5. Just checking the place out

    Welcome. One thing we don't have is quotas. But we do have an Ubo, but don't let him scare you off
  6. Hi I'm new

    Welcome Duke Light
  7. Titanfall 2 Night - Tuesdays

    Maiiddddennn. If ghost is still the opener, don't get there late, they put on an awsome show
  8. Weekly Titanfall 2 games Xbox One

    yeah i'm ready to start playing more regularly again, seems like I've only turned my xbox on for halo night the last few weeks
  9. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    yeah, i noticed the question mark, but I'll never pass up an opportunity to talk about my stellar halo skills. but I have no problem playing, i think these little tourney things are fun
  10. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    well lookie there, seems like I magically signed up for this in my sleep...guess someone is looking to inflate their K/D. ok, fine
  11. What's Up Everyone

  12. Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome. I'm just on xbox and pretty much just playing titanfall right now with some Halo thrown in. GT is DeadmeatK9
  13. When you T-bag so much your AI does it also

    Not me, that's Havocs titan. You know the one he's never seen the inside of
  14. http://imgur.com/aCoiQBh
  15. Idris - Dark Tower

    thanks Havoc, now I'll never be able to have sleep-overs and stay up all night watching Pretty Woman again