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  1. Hi I'm new

    Welcome Duke Light
  2. Titanfall 2 Night - Tuesdays

    Maiiddddennn. If ghost is still the opener, don't get there late, they put on an awsome show
  3. Weekly Titanfall 2 games Xbox One

    yeah i'm ready to start playing more regularly again, seems like I've only turned my xbox on for halo night the last few weeks
  4. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    yeah, i noticed the question mark, but I'll never pass up an opportunity to talk about my stellar halo skills. but I have no problem playing, i think these little tourney things are fun
  5. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    well lookie there, seems like I magically signed up for this in my sleep...guess someone is looking to inflate their K/D. ok, fine
  6. What's Up Everyone

  7. Hello from New Hampshire

    Welcome. I'm just on xbox and pretty much just playing titanfall right now with some Halo thrown in. GT is DeadmeatK9
  8. When you T-bag so much your AI does it also

    Not me, that's Havocs titan. You know the one he's never seen the inside of
  9. http://imgur.com/aCoiQBh
  10. Idris - Dark Tower

    thanks Havoc, now I'll never be able to have sleep-overs and stay up all night watching Pretty Woman again
  11. Idris - Dark Tower

    It's the little things that bug me. In one picture he has a belt with a shit ton of cylinders to reload with. Other picture no belt. If I were to see a belt that disappears then returns it would ruin the entire show for me
  12. Xbox updated UI

    Got home last night, played for an hour. Watched tv for an hour, then thought I'll get a couple more games in, and it had updated. Not sure about it yet. And something about cortana popped up while I was playing, so now I have to hope that they haven't forced me to use her
  13. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

    Hmmm, that's interesting. A few guys have found it. wonder why it doesn't show up for you? Did you search for the tag, K9TG? It's not an official tag thing anyway, I was just tired of using other lobbies to get my happy hour merits. I had been using the Achievement Hunter network for that time slot and I was getting tired of listening to their bullshit in the lobby. I was just trying to find a peaceful place to get merits, So if you don't need that 8pm central time slot I wouldn't worry about it. But I am curious why it doesn't show for you?
  14. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

    I just made it for shits and giggles, I'm not usually on in time to use the one from the beta, and staying up to 10 ain't my style. I just needed something that was consistent with when I was playing
  15. Titanfall 2 in-game TAG Network [Clan]

    So apparently the network happy hours aren't tied to DST, so our 9pm happy hour is now 10pm. Good for the west coast, not good for me who has barely been staying up til 9. So I went ahead and made a new network with an 8pm (central) happy hour, so I don't have to stay up. so if you need an extra happy hour it's K9's TAG [K9TG]