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  1. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    Thanks @BDaddyK I got home and forgot to link it.
  2. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    It was. I'll post @hybridhavoc's link when I get home.
  3. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    There's google sheet at the bottom of the original post with the kill totals and weapon damage stats @DukeDesu
  4. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    Will you be around tonight @Chuckles
  5. Monday night Fiesta July 24th poll

    I would like to put TTR in the mix as well, but I'll save my vote in case others don't feel the same.
  6. Help me decide

    Yeah that's what I was thinking too. I have no knowledge on how the PS4 is built though or what bus it used.
  7. Help me decide

    Also if you use you PS4 a lot @Cbaoth I would go with the pro. Since I didn't plan on using my PS4 much I went with a slim. I can definitely see the value in getting a pro though if you use it a lot.
  8. Help me decide

    I never tested this on PS4 does it work the same way as Xbox where the USB drives are faster than the internal hard drive?
  9. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    Last call for the tourney! And we will all need to set a time that we want to try to get at least one round in.
  10. Doom - May 13th

    Definitely worth the $15. Almost bought it again for PC for that price earlier this month.
  11. Hi I'm new

    Welcome to tag dude! Feel free to add me on PS4 (Even if I hardly play on it)
  12. Fortnite anyone?

    I'm getting it for pc actually, cause that's where a bunch of my college buddies are getting it.
  13. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    Lol @Deadmeat I guess I was under the impression from discord that you were interested in joining. That's why I put a question mark behind it as well though.
  14. The TAG-Bag Tournament

    Hey guys! This post is to make the Halo FFA tournament official. We will be starting next week on Halo Night (Thursday, July 20th). The ground rules will be outlined below. We will need to pick a time that all of us will be able to be on, even if only for one match. If you have any suggestions of concerns please comment @CaptainToay43 on either here on the Discord #halo channel (link below). General rules The number of rounds played will be determined by the number of people who opt into the tournament Each person will get to choose BOTH the map and the game type (whatever your heart desires). Please test the map before we play on it to be sure it isn't laggy The winner will be determined by the number of kills throughout the entire tournament Each person will have their lowest 2 scores removed from their record This is just in case someone can't make it for a night, they aren't automatically removed from contention I will be keeping track of the kill total on a Google Sheets spreadsheet (will post link once I finish it) using Halo Carnage for the stats (unless someone knows of a better site)\. If any of you have suggestions or see something that I might have left out from the original idea please let me know. Happy Hunting! Current Participants @CaptainToay43 @hybridhavoc @anthem_pt3 @That Guy Link @Primordial G00 @Hoptimus @Deadmeat @SithWarrior @BDaddyK @Chuckles Stats
  15. Zombie Army Trilogy $12.50 Xbox

    Except Rainbow six siege that was a game you team killed pretty consistently in.