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  1. Minecraft XB1 Active Players?

    Hey Jenn. I play a lot of minecraft. During the day, I play a couple of hours on ps3 with my 4 year old. Evenings have been reserved for PC. The only version I don't own is on xbox. I could be persuaded to buy it on XB, if you're still playing.
  2. Hey guys.

    Welcome. Just curious. What was your old gaming community called? What made you decide to leave? Look forward to playing with you sometime.
  3. Thanks for the good time last night

    (Wink wink) Seriously though, I had a good time playing with some of you on xbox. Nice conversations and great mic etiquette. (I don't recall even hearing any feedback on anyone's mic.) I look forward to playing more with everyone. I will be on later in the evening tonight. I have to catch that season finale of TWD first. By the way, any complaints from you guys? Could you hear me fine? Was I too loud? Too quiet? Swore too much?
  4. Anyone still active with Rainbow 6?

    Fixed! Thanks.
  5. Have you seen any good April's fools Internet pranks today?

    How's that? I haven't heard anything about ATT?
  6. Have you seen any good April's fools Internet pranks today?

    I didn't do anything this year, but last year I pranked another Adult gaming group called Redditdads. I spent a month parodying their posts and members at http://reddit.com/r/redditwives and revealed it to them on April 1st. What are some of your favorite pranks?
  7. I saw this pop up on my FB feed. I'm assuming it's a prank..
  8. Anyone still active with Rainbow 6?

    LOL...skills... Did you not see the video I posted earlier in this thread?
  9. Dates & Games

    excellent. I love to talk shit!
  10. [Xbox One] Rainbow Six Siege TAG Active Operator Roster

    Just putting my name out there for R6S XB1 players..
  11. [PS4] Rainbow Six Siege Active Roster

    @MaynardJames82 You can add me on PS4, if you're still into the game. I also play on both platforms.
  12. Game Suggestions

    I am interested in Chess (any platform) Rainbow Six: Siege (PS4 or XB1) GTAV (any platform, but would prefer not XB1 as its not installed yet)
  13. Dates & Games

    My gaming library is largest on PS4. Is there a list of games that made the cut? I'm also interested in Chess.
  14. Dates & Games

    "To my son - I tell him I will see him again soon. To keep his heels down while riding his horse. To my wife... that is not your business."