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      Welcome to TAG! Our community encompasses all aspects of gaming, from Consoles, PC to mobile and handheld, we love all facets of gaming.To become better acquainted with the community a great place to start is with an introduction: Hello! My name is...   Here at TAG we strive to be an all inclusive community where adult gamers can share their passion for all types of gaming. We want TAG to be a great place for all of our members, and for them to enjoy their time here. To that end please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for our community:  TAG policy and guidelines   Thank you, TAG Council
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  1. TAG Night Highlights

    That is totally Randy Savage channeling The Offspring.
  2. Xbox One X Standard Edition Pre-Orders LIVE

    I will probably be picking one of these bad boys up for the holidays as I have decided to not upgrade my PC any further for gaming purposes.
  3. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    ...aaaaaaand a special edition bookend of a division agent with his butt glued to the words "get off the fucking wall" and a matching set piece of a division agent lying face-down on the word "jesus". Get them now from the soon to open TAG Etsy store!
  4. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    How about a 3D printed resin statue of two spartans standing over the new TAG logo as if it were the ground, one tea-bagging the other? We can have the an optional helmetless anime girls in bikini spartan armor instead for @SithWarrior.
  5. Skorched00

    Welcome to TAG! I'm almost certain I've seen/played with you somewhere but could be mistaken! Glad to have you here!
  6. Introductions are for new members.

    Welcome to TAG! We have an exceptional PS4 Destiny group who I'm sure you've already hooked up with. You've come to the right place! Be sure to hit up our Discord too as our Destiny channel is HOT.
  7. Hello!

    @Zenlizard is a great dude. I miss playing with him! You're in great hands...and welcome to TAG!
  8. Clan Invite

    Wander over to our Introductions forum and make a post in there, please!
  9. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    Actually @SithWarrior remains in his position as Tech Admin until December 2019, as does @studknckl unless either of them decide to bow out. Membership Coordinator and Forum Administrator would be up for grabs next year, though.
  10. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    That is impressive work with GIMP though. I always felt their user interface was too much of a hindrance to really bother much with it.
  11. Thanks for that sweet logo Havoc!

    Thank you @hybridhavoc for that sweet new TAG logo (and variations of it)! For those not on our Discord, Havoc came up with it in what seemed like no time at all this morning and it looks truly fabulous. Great job!
  12. Introduction

    Ditto what Sith said! We're also currently running games of Diablo 3, The Division, Titanfall 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and we do a random game Fiesta night every Monday (usually one of the Games with Gold titles so everyone can participate). Welcome to TAG!
  13. Hallo from Deutchland!

    Howdy there! I am on Xbox but I do not play Destiny 2. However, I pretty much play every other multiplayer title on Xbox so feel free to hit me up. Currently playing Halo 5, Diablo 3, Titanfall 2, Forza Horizons 3, and I'm in the Sea of Thieves technical alpha. Welcome to TAG!
  14. Destiny Clan

    For PS4 side, Sith is now the only person who can approve/disprove/invite for the TAG clan as I have stepped down as admin. Also, looks like clan functionality is disabled still, but when enabled it'll basically be a seasonal grind that will be reset.