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  1. RUST and Dayz

    Just downloaded RUST and the game seems pretty legit. Looking for other players and maybe a server. Dayz, the same goes for this. Question, Who plays and what servers do you all play on?
  2. Star Wars Battlefront Player Master List

    medicruns - pc
  3. Minecraft XB1 Active Players?

    if this is still going on I'll like to join in ..
  4. Will there be an Overwatch Night?

    I do, but also have it on the xbox (conned into buying that due to friends)
  5. Hello All

    will add soon
  6. The Older I get the bigger my backlog of games

    Doing a play through of Ryse. I am highly impressed with the game and suggest it to you. It's somewhat short as well.
  7. Just wondering is there enough for an overwatch night?
  8. Hello All

    thanks all
  9. Hello All

    A simple introduction SYSTEMS: Mainly PC Steam: MEDIC RUNNER , do play WII U and XBox One GT: MrExcellent Games: Rainbow Six Seige (PC), OVERWATCH (PC and xbox), WOW (PC) WII U: Mariokart 8, pikman 3, MONSTER HUNTER, zelda .. xbox1 : HALO, honestly Mainly a PC player that just converted from the console. Huge list of games. 36 y/o male, medic in the Army who spends his free time playing video games, running and all. Easy going, laughs, team focus. Not the greatest at anything. right there in the middle for the most part. SOmedays I just dont have time, but other days I have all the time in the world to play. invite, play have fun.