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  1. BF1- 10hrs now ready for EA Access members!

    I ordered the vanilla version too. I originally pre-ordered the deluxe edition, thinking the early access (not the EA access) + skins would be worth the extra $20. I was also under the initial impression that the early access was the thursday or friday before official launch day. Nope, EA decided that "early access" is on Tuesday, Oct 18... and regular launch is Friday, Oct 21. So i switched my order because trying to play a game in the middle of the week during busy work days is not worth it. Microsoft currently has "Early Access" right at the moment by releasing games the thursday or friday before. Grumping aside, looking forward to friday and wrecking fools!
  2. Halo 5 Game Night - Thursdays

    Was good fun bringing ya'll DOWN to POUND TOWN last night!
  3. DragonCon Award

    It looks like it could fit all sizes... Self adjustments, you see!
  4. DragonCon Award

    The latest Butt-Plug kids are using these days?
  5. BF1 BETA Starts Today - Check Your Email!

    So much bitterness, and maybe that is due to way too much hype (see "No Man's Sky", "Destiny", etc...). And/Or maybe too many frosty beverages... The new conquest system is definitely different; I do miss the good ole ticket system, but that has been something I have been used too as a BF veteran since BF1942. There are glitches, errors and aspects that should be rectified; like marking downed allies for medics automatically instead of the request button, as well as getting rid of the "press X to die faster" option. I think that would help put a much greater importance on medics in the conquest mode. Overall, I have been enjoying the beta, and would like DICE to make the tweaks, adjustments and fixes prior to release... Of course we can probably expect a day one patch at 3+ gigs, right?
  6. Titanfall 2 technicall test MP

    From what I played last weekend, I think this a good dynamic. I enjoyed the bounty mode, and the hardpoint that can double up on a flag. Both of those modes encourage playing for the objective and teamplay, a feature I enjoy seeing. When I got into my titan, I felt like I was wrecking face on the opposing team, especially when I had a teammate deliver me fresh batteries. I have been hearing and reading quite a bit of displeasure because of its difference from the first game, but it almost seems like people want a TitanFall 1.5, and not a sequel that takes a gander at a few changes. From the rounds I have played so far, I had fun and enjoyed it. I probably will purchase the game, but sometime down the road when it is discounted. I have mentioned before that it is a bit twitchy for my tastes, but I also have a too many other games that I ordered this year that take priority like Deus Ex, Verdun, Forza Horizon 3, Battlefield 1 and Darksiders Remaster.
  7. SHADOWTALON is in!

    Feelin the love!! Couldn't ask for a better welcome... Ya Old Farts!
  8. Titanfall 2 technicall test MP

    I will prolly will get on this evening to try it out. But still need to download it when I get home!
  9. SHADOWTALON is in!

    Hello my fellow AmeriTAGgers, I am Will, and have been regularly playing on Xbox since the dark ages of 2001, and have been on XBL since it went online in 2002. I regularly play with quite a few of yall and have been a member of other mature gamer groups. After yall kept twisting my arm frequently and a few beverages, I decided to sign up finally. Looking forward to continued good times and wreckin you chumps!!! Much Love, SHADOWTALON