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  1. Where are all the Halo players at?

    Will be on after 9 tonight. (Eastern time)
  2. Where are all the Halo players at?

    I will be online for Halo 5 tonight. Gamertag: ArsenicEmbrace Hopefully I can party up with you guys!
  3. GamerTag: ArsenicEmbrace

    Hi, my name is ArsenicEmbrace. I was turned on to TAG by my brother HybridHavoc. I'm a 35 years old married with children. I usually play only 2 games at a time. 1 mobile (Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth atm) and 1 console (Halo 5 atm) I have enjoyed the Halo games since Halo 1 but none so much as Halo 2. I think that having a clan and a social group to play with made all the difference at the time so I look forward to playing Halo 5 with you guys.